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All-NFC East Team: takes Eli Manning over Tony Romo

Have fun with this one.

Steven Ryan-USA TODAY Sports

In building an all-NFC East Team, the most interesting -- and surely controversial -- thing Dave Dameshek of did was to select New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning over Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

That, of course, is a decision sure to be defended by Giants and fans and excoriated by Cowboys fans (hello, Blogging The Boys readers, just be civil when you join the discussion).

Both quarterbacks are tremendous in their own ways. Pick on Romo all you want for some post-season failings, but he is a terrific quarterback. He puts up great numbers, he can extend plays with his feet in a way Manning can't, and his toughness is unquestionable. Manning is coming off a great season of his own, could be even better in his second season in the team's new offense, and has those two rings to shows he doesn't shrink from the big moments.

You can make an argument for either guy, and I'm sure many will try. Dameshek chose Manning for an interesting reason:

I know Cowboys fans will be displeased here, but as "Move The Sticks" host Daniel Jeremiah said to me this week, "Romo had one of his best seasons ever last year. Why? Because they took the ball out of his hands. Eli had one of his best seasons, too, specifically because they put more on him."

The other Giants on the team are wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, safety Landon Collins, cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and placekicker Josh Brown. The only thing to say here is that the selection of Collins, who has yet to wear pads as a pro, shows the weakness of the safety position throughout the division.