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Giants morning report: Per NY Post, Coughlin talks family, Father's Day

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New York Giants headlines for Sunday, 6/21.

Tom Coughlin
Tom Coughlin
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Father's Day, New York Giants fans! Here are your morning headlines.

Father, grandpa Tom Coughlin opens up on family: ‘Every day’ is Mother’s Day | New York Post

This is a fantastic Q&A with Tom Coughlin from Steve Serby of the Post that has nothing to do with football and everything to do with family.

Here's a little advice Coughlin told Serby he got from his dad:

"Be the best you can be. I don't care what you do in your life, what you decide is the world that you eventually want to be in or move into, but whatever you do, be the best you can be."

Here is a little something all dads, and husbands, should remember:

"The fact of the matter is that every day is, and should be, Mother's Day."

Giants' Victor Cruz pumped to make acting debut in HBO's 'Ballers' |

The wide receiver makes a few appearances in the new series starring Dwayne 'The Rock Johnson. Cruz indicated that acting might be something he would like to do once his football career is over.

Giants linebackers not feeding into 'worst position group' label |

The Giants' linebackers have heard the idea that they are the worst at that position in the league. Here is Jameel McClain with a response:

"Oh I heard it, don't worry I heard it," McClain said. "I normally don't pay no attention to what people say, but to get an insult like that? It's perfect. If you're at the bottom you can only go up."

Around the NFC East

Cowboys rookie Randy Gregory doing all the right things, including adding healthy weight | The Star Telegram The Star Telegram

The controversial second-round pick has apparently gained about 12 pounds, with the Cowboys hoping he can pack on even more.

"It’s easy to see his talent, very easy to see," owner Jerry Jones said. "His willingness to take coaching from his teammates, as well as the coaches themselves – all of those things, you like. Those are intangibles. I’m pleased that he’s gained the weight he’s gained. I’m going to round this off, but I’d say he’s up 15 pounds. And he doesn’t labor in any way with that 15 pounds. He can lose it -- I’m envious -- he can lose it as fast as anybody that you can imagine, but he can also put it on. His diet – he’s doing some good stuff. He’s been very responsible."

First-round pick Byron Jones giving Cowboys owner Jerry Jones ‘visions of sugar plums’ | | Dallas Morning News

The Cowboys also like what they see from first-round pick Byron Jones, a cornerback.

"I don't think we could have asked for more, sitting here today, than what he's shown," Jerry Jones said.

Eagles coach Chip Kelly hit with $99K tab for penthouse rent

Chip Kelly is in a tad of legal trouble, having been has been hit with a $99,000 tab in a lease dispute over rent for a penthouse.

Robert Griffin III knows offseason improvement crucial to Redskins' success - Washington Times

The takeaway from this is that Griffin and head coach Jay Gruden, who had their differences a year ago, are getting along. For now.

Around the NFL

Source: Aaron Ross worked out for Rams | National Football Post

The former Giants cornerback wants to revive his NFL career after missing last season due to a torn Achilles tendon suffered with the Baltimore Ravens. Ross is 32.

After fourth release in a year, former Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor to finally try another position - Silver And Black Pride

Finally! After years of speculation, Pryor will try to become a wide receiver. If he can find an NFL team willing to give him a chance, that is.

CB Buster Skrine dishes praise on New York Jets' revamped defense - NFL -

Uh, oh. Skrine came as close as he could to calling the Jets the new 'Dream Team' without actually doing it.

"I’ve never played on a defense with this much talent,"​ Skrine told me after a recent Jets OTA session. "Our front seven has all-stars and then in the back end, we have all-stars. I’ve never seen anything like this. Everybody said the Philadelphia Eagles were going to be like the Dream Team, but we have chemistry on this defense already, and you can see it out in practice. I mean, we can match up however you want to match up. We can match up with any offense."

Former Eagles guard Evan Mathis grades his own tape - NFL -

Mathis weighs in on some of his own game tape. This is a great example of why making judgments without knowing exactly what a player's assignment was, what he was expecting, what the circumstances were, etc., is a dangerous thing You may think you know what what supposed to happen on a given play, but you probably don't. It is why I always remind readers to take Pro Football Focus scores with a grain of salt. They are subjective, and while they are done with All-22 film, they aren't done with every piece of information about a player's assignment.