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Giants 90-man roster breakdown: Long-snapper Zak DeOssie

Yes, we're discussing a long-snapper.

Zak DeOssie
Zak DeOssie
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Long-snapper is a position that isn't thought about much, until a team doesn't have a reliable one. Zak DeOssie has filled that role capably fr the New York Giants since 2007. How much longer will he continue to do so? Let's look at DeOssie as we continue or player-by-player profiles of the 90-man roster the Giants will bring to training camp.

2014 Season in Review

DeOssie completed his eighth season as the Giants' long-snapper. Drafted in the fourth round of the 2007 NFL Draft as a linebacker, DeOssie gave up that pursuit after a couple of seasons to focus solely on snapping. He has made two Pro Bowl appearances and snapped for two Super Bowl-winning teams. Pro Football Focus, though, tells us that perhaps DeOssie is no longer very good at the thing he is in the league to do.

Out of 1,202 players graded for special teams performance in 2014 the 31-year-old DeOssie finished 1,198th with a PFF grade of -12.0. Only two players graded worse. Always a solid snapper and an especially valuable part of the punt coverage team, DeOssie graded at -9.5 on the punt team. The only two bad snaps of his eight-year career have come in the past two seasons, one each year.

In 2013, DeOssie hada -7.5 PFF score, 1,169th out of 1,188 players graded on special teams. Before the past two years, the only negative PFF grade of DeOssie's career came in 2010, when he was -1.0.

2015 Season Outlook

DeOssie does not seem to have a challenger on the current roster for the long-snapping job. It is hard to imagine, though, that the Giants have not noticed the slippage in DeOssie's snapping and his coverage, as he has missed five tackles over the past two seasons. You wonder what the reasons might be. Could it be as simple as DeOssie not being quite the athlete he was early in his career?

Best bet is that DeOssie is the long-snapper once again. The position tends to be one of those spots you don't put much thought into as long as the snapper gets the ball back to the punter or the holder.