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Ben McAdoo press conference: Five things we learned from the Giants' OC

What is the state of the Giants' offense? Let's hear some thoughts from the man who runs it.

Ben McAdoo
Ben McAdoo
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo met with reporters as mandatory mini-camp concluded Thursday. Here are five takeaways from McAdoo's remarks.

Ereck Flowers: 'We like him as a future left tackle'

Rookie Ereck Flowers was intended to be the left tackle of the future for the Giants. He is the left tackle of the present due to the injury to Will Beatty

"I'm excited to have Ereck. He's done a nice job so far. He is a young player. He's going to grow," McAdoo said. "We like him as a future left tackle for the New York Giants. Very comfortable with him being out there right now.

"Nothing is ever set in stone. We look forward to getting back here in camp and seeing him jump in there right from the beginning and give a run at it."

Center Weston Richburg a 'natural'

The Giants drafted Weston Richburg to play center. As a rookie in 2014, injuries forced Richburg to play left guard. He is back at center now, and the Giants could be better for it.

"Weston is a natural center," McAdoo said. "I'm excited for him, I'm excited for the offense. He brings some energy to the position and to the offense.

"He likes to have control of things, he likes to have his hand on the football and he works very hard at it. I like Weston."

Offense is moving faster

McAdoo likes the pace of the offense as the Giants enter the second season with him as offensive coordinator.

"You look at the speed of things and the way things get started. Weston does a nice job getting up, getting on the ball and getting the party started and Eli's a lot quicker at this point getting everything going, getting everything moving. The receivers, the tight ends, the backs are playing faster on the perimeter."

Manning's offseason 'encouraging'

Much has been made about the increased zip Eli Manning appears to be throwing the ball with. McAdoo has taken note, but that's not all he likes about what he has seen from the veteran quarterback.

"I like the look in his eye right now. His offseason has been encouraging," McAdoo said. "He's put a lot of time and effort into it. We had some collaboration before he left., but the credit goes to Eli."

McAdoo said the look in Manning's eye makes him "excited for training camp."

"I think he's gaining confidence in what we've asked him to do fundamentally, in the system and in the communication that happens in the meeting rooms and carried on to the field. He's on the same page with his receivers and his tight ends and his backs, working well with the center and the o-line. The second year in the system helps, but the confidence comes from what he put into the time before he got back here. That goes a long way."

Marshall Newhouse could be 'major contributor'

Marshall Newhouse, the current starting right tackle in the re-configured offensive line, was with the Green Bay Packers when McAdoo was an offensive assistant there. The offensive coordinator appears to have a comfort level with the veteran lineman.

"Marshall's played a little bit of everywhere. He's played just about every position, I believe he even snapped the ball at one point. He's a smart guy. He gets the game," McAdoo said. "He's done it before, and he's don it at a high level. He'll have an opportunity to be a major contributor this year."