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Eric Weddle to the Giants? A crazy, enticing idea

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Weddle, Chargers at odds. Could Giants help solve their problem?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

If All-Pro free safety Eric Weddle and the San Diego Chargers find their differences to be irreconcilable would Weddle look nice in a New York Giants uniform?

Weddle, an eight-year veteran who has gone to three Pro Bowls and been named All-Pro twice, took the unusual step of calling out the Chargers directly in a contract dispute, saying, in part, "I just wish the organization had been upfront with me."

Here is Weddle's full statement, in which he basically said the Chargers lied to him:

"Contrary to what has recently been said by upper management, there has never been any financial numbers discussed and the Chargers have never put an offer on the table for us to consider," Weddle said as part of the statement. "It is obvious to me I am not part of this organization's long-term plans. The NFL is a business, and I can accept that. I just wish the organization had been upfront with me from day one.

"That said, I have been working my tail off to prepare for the upcoming season, and I feel amazing. I am extremely excited about re-joining my teammates today and getting back to the practice field and working to bring a Super Bowl trophy to San Diego.

"From a contract standpoint, if we do not agree to a multi-year extension before training camp, I have instructed my agent to not speak to the Chargers again. I will give this team everything I have this year and head to free agency in 2016. This will be the one and only time I will discuss my contract, and I look forward to focusing on football."

Weddle wants to stay with the Chargers, where he has played since being drafted in the second round in 2007. Obviously, though, there are issues between the player and the organization. Weddle is in the final year of a five-year, $40 million deal.

The Chargers have given no indication they would trade Weddle, and the player isn't currently asking to be dealt. If, however, the two sides decide they need to go their separate ways the Giants would seem like a nice landing spot. Weddle would give them both. Weddle had a +18.9 Pro Football Focus score last season, the league's highest-rated safety both overall and in pass coverage (+12.9).

There isn't a safety on the Giants' roster who has started an NFL game at the position. While the Giants believe they have talent, they are admittedly concerned about the development of those young, inexperienced players. No matter who the Giants end up using at safety, they also don't have a true free safety on the roster.

This, of course, is a 'what if' scenario extremely unlikely to unfold.