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Giants' 2016 quarterback should be ... Mike Glennon?

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Wait? What? Mike Glennon?

Mike Glennon
Mike Glennon
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ESPN football writer Matt Williamson believes the "prudent move" for the New York Giants is to trade for Tampa Bay Buccaneers backup quarterback Mike Glennon, let him learn from Eli Manning this season, let Manning walk after the season and give the job to Glennon in 2016.

ESPN Giants beat writer Dan Graziano, to put it succinctly, thinks Williamson is nuts. I agree wholeheartedly with Graziano.

Here is what Williamson, identifying five teams that should trade for the 25-year-old Glennon, wrote about the Giants:

Eli Manning could be in store for a big year. He has a strong cast of receivers and will only get better in his second season playing in Ben McAdoo's offense. But the two-time Super Bowl champ's contract expires after this season and Manning will turn 35 shortly after the New Year. Glennon fits McAdoo's system quite well, and would benefit from a year sitting behind and learning from Manning. The prudent move in 2016, given the cost of a potential Manning extension, would be to let Manning walk and hand the reigns over to Glennon.

Here is part of Graziano's retort:

I really believe the only thing that could create a parting of the ways between Manning and the Giants after this season is a significant injury to Manning. And the fact that that concept -- a significant injury to Eli Manning -- sounds so bizarre is exactly why they place more value on Manning than an analysis such as Williamson's assumes. ...

Williamson is correct that scarcity at the quarterback position makes Glennon one of the more attractive potentially available options for quarterback-needy teams. But scarcity of reliable high-end talent at the position is what makes Manning essential to the Giants' plans for as long as he can play. As tough as things have been lately for them in the standings and throughout the rest of their roster, they're in no rush to join the sad, desperate gaggle of teams that spend their offseasons sifting through could-be quarterbacks and trying to find the one that'll stick.

Glennon, of course, has only wearing a baseball cap and watching Jameis Winston play to look forward to as long as he is in Tampa Bay. No doubt he would upgrade the quarterback position for several teams in the league.

But, the Giants? That's crazy.

Just because Manning is in the last year of his contract and the Giants appear to be in no hurry to get an extension done doesn't mean they don't want Manning to be a Giant for several more years.

"We would like him to retire as a Giant. That is where he should be," co-owner John Mara said at the end of last season. "We still think we can win a championship with him and he is still playing at a high level. Of course, we would like to keep him."

The Giants have won two titles with Manning. He has his warts, and they can be brutally obvious. He played as well or better last season, however, than he ever has.

True, the Giants are leaving themselves a bit of wiggle room here if they don't extend Manning's deal prior to the start of the 2015 season. It is more than premature, though, to write him off as a Giant after this year.

Your thoughts, Giants fans?