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Odell Beckham: Does hope really die for Giants if his hamstrings are again a problem?

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Adam Schein is trying to scare you. Is he succeeding?

Odell Beckham works alone during OTAs
Odell Beckham works alone during OTAs
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

In discussing indispensable offensive players, Adam Schein of wrote this about New York Giants star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.:

"With Beckham, they have a chance to compete. Without him, hope dies."

Is it really that simple for the Giants? Does their entire season, and thus perhaps the future direction of the franchise, rest on Beckham's tender hamstrings?

It's a scary thought. Is it a correct one?

As wonderful a player as he could ultimately be, Beckham dealt with hamstring issues at LSU, lost all of the preseason and four regular-season games to them last year and is dealing with them again this year. He missed most of the OTAs and seems unlikely to do more than work individually during the upcoming mandatory mini-camp.

No doubt the Giants are riddled with question marks. The one thing they know for certain is that there is a chance something explosive will happen every time they put the ball in Beckham's hands.

If Schein is right, that means not only the 2015 season but the fate of head coach Tom Coughlin and maybe even Manning is resting on those not-always-cooperative hammies of Beckham's.

Dr. David Chao told us recently that Beckham's hamstrings may always be an issue for him:

"No question certain athletes, and quite honestly they're quick-twitch athletes, are more prone to hamstrings. He certainly is one of those guys. There may not be anything you can do about it to eliminate that risk, Chao said.

Of course, you don't want to think about Beckham once again missing games. Neither, of course, do the Giants. What, however, if it happens? Is Schein right that the Giants have no hope without him? Or, is he being overly dramatic?