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Giants morning report: Justin Pugh's move, Odell Beckham's celebrity, more

New York Giants headlines for Monday, 6/1.

Odell Beckham
Odell Beckham
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here are a few Giants-related headlines to help you get your work-week started by, well, doing something other than working.

Justin Pugh changed more than his position

Justin Pugh is changing positions this season, moving from tackle to guard. To prepare, he changed his diet and his training regimen. Pugh has changed to gluten-free diet and is now at 310 pounds, five pounds heavier than a year ago.

He also spent time working on wrestling and boxing moves at a training center run by Jay Glazer.

"[The goal was] trying to work on my hands. My hands were the biggest thing I was trying to accomplish," said Pugh, who plans to return to Unbreakable for three more weeks before the start of training camp. "At guard it's even more so and you're fighting right now and it's body on body work inside. That's why it's great.

"The wrestling is going to help me even more because, at tackle, it's a lot of working in space. At guard, you have a body right on you, right across from you, and you have to get your hands on them now. That is going to help me out."

Briefly ...

Odell Beckham became more than a football star in his rookie season in the NFL. He is now an "A-list name."

"Definitely been fun,’’ Beckham said recently after an organized team activity [OTA] practice. "I say fun because it’s the first time in life I haven’t had to go right from a season to another season or another training. It’s the first actual offseason I’ve ever had in my life. It’s been fun being able to go places you always dreamed of going and meet people you’ve always wanted to meet. Yeah, it’s definitely been fun.’’

Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan took a shot at the Giants and his former employer, the New York Jets, recently when he said of the Bills "we're the only team in New York, anyway." Ryan had been asked what type of reception he expected when he makes an appearance at a charity softball game in New York City this summer.

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Byron Maxwell recently guaranteed the Eagles would reach the Super Bowl, saying "that's just me believing in my team and the product we're going to put out there on the field."

We discussed ex-Giant Walter Thurmond on Sunday. Thurmond told Philadelphia media that he "chose" to move to safety.

"I looked at it as a situation [in which] we have some great corners, just drafted three corners, Nolan is going to have a big year this year . . . and Maxwell as well," Thurmond said. "Being familiar with this defense and playing it in college, there's a lot of opportunities to make plays - especially at the safety position. That was one of the reasons. I think it just gives us the best opportunity to compete."

Check out some highlights, and lowlights, from the Giants annual golf outing. Let's just say rookie Bobby Hart needs some golf lessons.

See if you can find the posters here that include former Giants stars.