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Giants sign six undrafted free agents, two draft picks

Rookies take the field for the Giants Friday and Saturday.

Akeem Hunt
Akeem Hunt
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

On the even of rookie mini-camp, the New York Giants Thursday evening announced the signing of six rookies who were not selected in the NFL Draft last week. They are: safety Justin Currie of Western Michigan, tackle Sean Donnelly of Tulane, linebacker Cole Farrand of Maryland, defensive end Brad Harrah of Cincinnati, running back Akeem Hunt of Purdue and tight end Matt LaCosse of Illinois.

Earlier in the day, the Giants had terminated the contract of Kevin Ogletree and waived linebacker Terrell Manning.

Here are scouting reports on all six players.

Justin Currie, S, Western Michigan says the 6-foot-2, 204-pound Currie "was a mainstay in the Broncos' secondary as an athletic hard-hitting safety."

TFY Draft Insider offers this scouting report:

Tough, run-defending safety best making plays up the field. Aggressive, displays a burst of closing speed and works hard to get involved in the action. Squares and wraps up ball carriers ... Curry has the size and style to be used as a traditional strong safety and comes with a special-teams mentality.

Sean Donnelly, OT, Tulane

Donnelly is a 6-foot-8, 307-pound swing tackle prospect. says:

Donnelly relies on footwork and positioning over power to get his man blocked in the running game and he could struggle against power unless he improves his core strength. His functional movement, ability to sustain blocks and tenacity give him a shot at becoming a starter at some point. NFL offensive line coaches will wear him out if he doesn't find a way to play with better discipline and avoid penalties.

TFY Draft Insider says:

King-sized offensive line prospect best in a small area ... Donnelly is a size prospect who must improve his playing strength and balance to ever make it off a practice squad.

Cole Farrand, LB, Maryland

Farrand is a 6-foot-3, 245-pound middle linebacker.

TFY Draft Insider says:

Farrand is a hard-working defender and does a terrific job reading the action then making the play. He comes with limited athleticism but could make a roster as an eighth linebacker/special teams player.

Brad Harrah, DE, Cincinnati

Harrah is a 6-foot-5, 258-pound defensive end.

TFY Draft Insider calls him "a try-hard lineman with limited upside and physical skills. His best opportunity is as an 8th defensive lineman in a conventional line-up."

Akeem Hunt, RB, Purdue

This is a player Charlie Campbell of Walter Football told us on a recent 'Big Blue Chat with Pat and Ed' podcast that the Giants were interested in. Hunt is a 5-foot-9, 189-pound change-of-pace back.

TFY Draft Insider says:

Hunt plays with a fearless style and is a threat to take it the distance anytime there's an opening. He's a triple-threat skill player who can help a team at running back, as a receiver as well as returning punts or kicks says:

Will flash signs of blazing speed and potential during games, but doesn't have consistency of production at any one position to create confidence in giving him much of a draftable grade. Is too hesitant and lacks the vision necessary to be reliable as an NFL running back. His ability to return kicks might be a foot in the door while an offensive coordinator figures out how to use him.

Matt LaCosse, TE, Illinois

LaCosse is a 6-foot-6, 250-pound tight end. He caught 38 passes during his time at Illinois. says:

With a long frame and good speed, LaCosse has the tools to work with for teams looking for a tight end who can stretch the field or stress linebackers in one-on-one matchups. His lack of college production will limit the number of team radars he hits, but he has enough talent to warrant a legitimate look and his ability to play special teams should help his chances.

Draft picks sign

Two of the Giants' six selections in the 2015 NFL Draft are now under contract. fifth-round pick Myykele Thompson, a safety, and seventh-round pick Bobby Hart, an offensive guard, signed contracts on Thursday.