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La'el Collins signing reaction: Thoughts on Collins, the Cowboys, and the Giants

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Let's all calm down just a bit.

Jerry Reese
Jerry Reese
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of unhappy New York Giants fans right now in the wake of La'el Collins signing with the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys? Of all teams, it just had to be the Dallas Cowboys that Collins ended up with. Didn't it? Even the Philadelphia Eagles might have been easier to stomach. At least they don't already have the offensive line to end all offensive lines.

Twitter is on fire with irate Giants fans.So are Big Blue View commenters. Jerry Reese needs to fired! He should have just drafted Collins in the seventh round. How could the Giants let Collins go to Dallas? The Giants are dooooooooomed!

Let's all chill for just a minute. First and foremost, I understand the angst. Collins is a first-round talent, maybe the only probable first-round pick to ever go completely undrafted. He still, incidentally, has not been officially cleared of involvement in the Brittany Mills murder investigation.

There is soooo much screaming that Reese should have used a Day 3 pick on Collins. On the face of it, and simply considering the talent of the player, I get that. However, 32 teams (meaning 32 GMs) passed on Collins. The Giants weren't the only ones unwilling to go out on that limb. This type of decision is one that has to be made at the ownership level, and in the current NFL climate should anyone be surprised that no owner gave his GM the green light to use a draft pick on Collins? You really think drafting Collins is a move John Mara would bang the table for? I don't think so.

I also understand the angst about the idea that Collins ended up with the Cowboys, a division rival that already had a tremendous. And drafted both cornerback Byron Jones and Randy Gregory. Meaning they picked up three first-round caliber talents. Oh, and they signed the talented Greg Hardy as a free agent.

Yes, on paper the Cowboys have collected a scary amount of talent. That talent, though, could be scary to the rest of the league. Or it could end up being scary to the Cowboys. Collins is not officially cleared. Plus, he hasn't taken an NFL snap and we really have no idea how good the guy will or won't be. Gregory? Talented, sure. Who knows what will happen with him? Word before the draft was that some teams wondered if he had mental health issues. Hardy? He is already suspended. The Cowboys still have the mercurial Dez Bryant, too. They might be great. They might just implode from within.

In case you have already forgotten, the Giants just came out of a draft where some analysts will tell you that they came away with three first-round talents of their own in Ereck Flowers, Landon Collins and Owamagbe Odighizuwa.

There are no guarantees in the NFL. The Cowboys have made themselves better on paper. The Giants have, too, with their impressive draft haul, with the signing of running back Shane Vereen and the additions of defensive linemen George Selvie and Kenrick Ellis. With the probable return of injured players like Victor Cruz, Jon Beason, Geoff Schwartz and Prince Amukamara..

La'el Collins would have been a nice get for the Giants. He is definitely a nice get for the Cowboys. That doesn't mean the Cowboys can't lose, or that the Giants can't win, when the season starts more than four months from now. It means it's May 7, and the Cowboys had a good day. Let's just relax, enjoy the beautiful weather, wait until the games start in the fall and see what happens.