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NFL Power Rankings: Where Giants stand in post-draft rankings

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Giants middle of the pack, or worse.

Tom Coughlin
Tom Coughlin
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2015 NFL Draft fading into the background, let's look at the most recent offseason NFL power rankings and see where the Giants stand. ranks the Giants 26th, but sort of with an asterisk.

Could this be the nobody-is-noticing team of 2015? Does anyone talk about the Giants competing for the playoffs? (If so, his name is either George Martin, Harry Carson or Howard Cross.) Are the Cowboys dominant? No. The defense is mediocre with serious character concerns -- and maybe one less Twitter account -- in the pass-rush department. Oh, and no DeMarco. Philly has new personnel and a bunch of questions to go with it -- like, who will play all 16 games? The Redskins have a giant question mark at the most important position in football. So why not Big Blue?

Oh, did this team ever need Landon Collins, by the way.

For reference, has the Dallas Cowboys No. 6, the Philadelphia Eagles No. 12, the New York Jets No. 21 and the Washington Redskins No. 28.

CBS Sports is a little kinder, ranking the Giants 18th.

They improved up front with first-round tackle Ereck Flowers, which will help Eli Manning and the running game. Landon Collins should help the back end of the defense.

CBS has Dallas No. 4, Philly No. 12, the Jets No. 30 and the Redskins dead last at No. 32.

ESPN slots the Giants at No. 23.

Drafting an offensive tackle ninth overall may not seem sexy, but the Giants ranked 30th in yards per rush last season, despite their running backs ranking 10th in yards after contact.

ESPN has the Cowboys at No. 6, Eagles at No. 11, Jets at No. 25 and Redskins at No. 27.

FOX sports appears to be the highest on the Giants, ranking them 16th.

After losing out on Devin McCourty in free agency, the Giants got aggressive and traded up for likely day one starter at safety in Landon Collins. As promised by GM Jerry Reese in January, the Giants found two-time winning Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning much needed pass protection in the form of their first-round draft selection Ereck Flowers.

Final thoughts

We know these are completely meaningless. They do tell us, however, that after missing the playoffs three straight years the Giants have a long way to go to prove that they can be more than a mediocre to bad football team in 2015.