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Jerry Reese: Draft aim was to 'get back to Giants football'

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Reese makes the radio rounds.

Ereck Flowers
Ereck Flowers
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

When we analyzed the first three picks of the New York Giants 2015 NFL Draft we said the primary thing the Giants seemed to be seeking was toughness. Even the Day 3 picks added physicality and special teams ability to the roster.

During a pair of radio appearances on Monday, general manager Jerry Reese basically admitted as much. Here is Reese talking to Michael Kay on ESPN New York about the firs-round selection of offensive tackle Ereck Flowers:

"We want to try to get back to Giants football. When we've been successful we've had strong offensive linemen with a little bit of a nasty streak, and this guy brings a nasty streak to our offensive line."

Reese repeated that during a visit with Mike Francesa on ESPN New York:

"We just want to get back on track, that’s the big picture for us," Reese said, referring to the Giants having missed the playoffs three straight seasons. "We want to start playing Giants football, try to win our division, get back in the tournament and win Super Bowls. That’s always our big picture, and we think we have had a good offseason, free agency and the draft. We think we can get back on track."