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David Letterman signs off: Remembering best 'Late Show' New York Giants mentions

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Letterman has had many memorable Giants-related bits over the years. Here are some.

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

The final 'Late show' of David Letterman's legendary career will be Wednesday night. Over the years there have been several New York Giants-centric highlights of Letterman's Late show. Let's say goodbye to one of late night televsion's iconic figures by looking at some of those.

Only Bill Murray could pull this off.

There was this top 10 list.

There was Tom Hanks doing bizarre impersonations of NFL head coaches, including Tom Coughlin.

There was Eli Manning appearing on the Late Show after the Giants beat the New England Patriots in the 2008 Super Bowl.

So, today we say goodbye to 'Invictus.'

We also say goodbye to a television and New York City icon.

I am bummed by both. I still don't understand why 'Invictus' wants to go off and be a doctor instead of writing football analysis for free. I mean, c'mon! Where is the difficulty in that choice? As for Letterman, his leaving late night television brings to a close my caring even a little bit about the genre. That shows my age -- much closer to Letterman's than I like to admit. It's true, though.

Anyway, enjoy this quick stroll down memory lane.