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NFL adopts change to extra point, per reports

Snap will come from the 15-yard line.

Josh Brown (3) of the Giants
Josh Brown (3) of the Giants
Al Bello/Getty Images

Well, here it is. NFL owners have reportedly approved a change to the extra point.

NFL officiating czar Dean Blandino has confirmed the change.

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin will now go apoplectic in his distaste for this affront on the tradition of the game.

This means, of course, that the extra-point will be a 32-yard try. Which, from this vantage point, seems incredibly silly when made field goals of lesser distances will be worth three points.

In our poll earlier today, 41 percent (310) of 747 voters approved of the proposal that ultimately passed. Thirty-nine percent of those who voted wanted the league to simply leave the extra point alone.

At first blush, this rule change is a disadvantage for the Giants. You have the league's oldest coach and the guess here is that going for two points on a regular basis is not something Coughlin will be apt to do. Also, you have one of the league's most immobile quarterbacks. Going for two points would seem easier for teams with mobile signal-callers since the ability of the quarterback to run would make more plays available in the playbook.