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Giants' offense ranked 10th in creating broken tackles

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Even without any help from Eli Manning.

Rashad Jennings
Rashad Jennings
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

We looked Monday at a Football Outsiders study that showed the New York Giants' tackling in 2014 was, to borrow a Charles Barkey expression --  "turrible." Well, what about the flip side. How did Giants' offensive players do in terms of breaking tackles?

The always-awesome folks at Football Outsiders have also studied that part of the equation, finding that overall the Giants finished 10th in the NFL in terms of creating broken tackles on offense. In 1,107 offensive plays, the Giants forced 99 broken tackles. That is an rate of 7.3 percent.

Running back Rashad Jennings finished 18th in the league, breaking 26 tackles in 197 touches. His percentage of broken tackles per touch was 13.2 percent. Andre Williams finished 23rd. Williams also broke 18 tackles, but it took him 235 touches. That worked out to a percentage of 9.8.

Odell Beckham Jr. finished eighth among wide receivers, creating 14 broken tackles in 98 touches. That is a percentage of 14.3.

A truly weird number, which comes from the FO story about missed tackles by defenses, is that Eli Manning is the only starting quarterback in the NFL who did not force a single broken tackle last season. Not exactly nifty, that Mr. Manning.