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Mailbag: Safety remains Giants' 'most unproven' position heading into 2015 season

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Let's see what is on your mind.

Nat Berhe
Nat Berhe
Elsa/Getty Images

The 2015 NFL Draft is over. Rookie mini-camp is over. The 90-man roster the New York Giants will bring to training camp is pretty much set. Let's open the Big Blue View Mailbag and see what questions are on your mind as the offseason rolls along.

Most of these questions come from our Facebook friends. You can always e-mail questions to me at

Question: Going into the draft, many felt the weakest position on the team that needed to address was safety (and it was). Coming out of it, what do you feel is the weakest link: Cornerback, tight end, linebacker, or still safety? -- Craig Massey

Ed says: Well, I'm going to phrase it differently. I'm not going to name a 'weakest' position. I will say that safety is still the most unproven. The Giants have done an excellent job of giving themselves some options. They drafted Landon Collins and Mykkele Thompson. They moved Bennett Jackson from corner to safety. They signed veteran Josh Gordy. They still have Nat Berhe and Cooper Taylor. So, they have options. What they don't have is anyone who has proven they can play the position at the NFL level. Gordy's experience has been almost entirely at corner. None of the other guys have started an NFL game.  To be honest, the Giants weren't very good at safety last year with veterans Antrel Rolle, Stevie Brown and Quintin Demps playing. This group could work out just fine. We just have no idea until we actually see them play.

Question: Ryan Nassib's development has slid a little under my radar. Do you think he can legitimately become an heir to the Gmen's QB throne or simply a reliable back up? -- Jake Giovati

Ed says: I doubt he is the next franchise quarterback. I think Eli Manning is going to be around for several more years, even though the Giants have yet to extend his contract beyond 2015. Nassib improved from Year 1 to Year 2, but the only way we will ever know for sure if he can be an adequate backup is if he gets into regular-season games for important snaps. And if that happens it's because Manning is hurt. So, ideally, maybe we never find out for sure.

Question: Do you honestly believe Cruz will be back to Super Bowl or even playoff quality? -- Stephen Mark Scott

Ed says: I didn't know individual players could be Super Bowl or playoff quality. I get what you are driving at, though. Can Cruz be the player he used to be? I don't know the answer. Nobody does until Cruz gets into games and we see what he has. I think Cruz runs precise enough routes that even somewhat diminished he could still catch a good number of passes and be a useful player. The question will be can he still separate? And, once he catches the ball, can he still make things happen?

Question: Does this team have the potential to have a 10 win season? -- Alex Irizarry Jr.

Ed says: Of course it does. The offense should be among the best in the league. If the Giants have good health on offense they will score a ton of points. There are defensive question marks, but also a lot of young players who could answer them. Of course, there is also potential for the Giants to lose 10 games. There is such a fine line in the NFL between winning and losing. The Giants weren't good last year, and yet I can think of four games they could have won had they simply made one or two more plays. The separation between six- and 10-win teams is so small it's ridiculous.

Question: Selvie vs Ayers ... Which one should end up as the starter opposite JPP? -- Russell Borrego

Ed says: Could be either. Could be neither. That's a vague cop-out of an answer, I know. The answer might be Damontre Moore. I think we have to wait and see how training camp and the preseason play out before we know the answer. What we do know is that Steve Spagnuolo has a track record of knowing how to utilize talented defensive ends. They will all be asked to contribute in some way.

Question: In your opinion is there really a chance of Adrien Robinson becoming a productive TE for the NY Giants or would they be better off cutting there losses and using the roster spot for another player? -- James Wilburn

Ed says: I do think there is a chance. I also think there is a chance the Giants get tired of waiting and cut him during training camp. Robinson is far behind where he should be in his development at this point. He missed almost all of the summer of his rookie season because he couldn't begin working out with the Giants until his class at Cincinnati graduated. Thus, his rookie year was a washout. He was hurt for half of his second season, so a good chunk of that year was a washout. He finally showed just a few glimpses last season, catching five passes and earning a +2.1 Pro Football Focus grade, largely for his run-blocking, in only 77 offensive snaps. If he can't supplant Daniel Fells as the No. 2 tight end this season the Giants might decide it's time to move on. I suspect, though, that Robinson gets one more year.

Ed says: No, I don't. In fact, I'm pretty surprised he's still on the roster to begin with. Tom Coughlin buried him on the bench the last few games of the 2014 season. Spagnuolo didn't even mention Hosley's name as a competitor for the nickel cornerback role, which is what the Giants drafted him for. I will be stunned if Hosley is part of the Giants' 53-man roster.

Ed says: Well, I'm not sure if there is a single one I can identify as the biggest hurdle. The Cowboys and Eagles look good, I'd start there. Health is always an issue. I guess the biggest hurdle overall is whether or not the Giants can play good enough defense to win games. They have made a lot of moves so far this offseason on defense. Let's see if they pay off.