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Justin Pugh still the Giants right tackle ... for now

McAdoo won't commit to a spot for first-round pick Ereck Flowers.

Justin Pugh
Justin Pugh
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

When the New York Giants made Ereck Flowers the ninth overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft less than two weeks ago Giants fans figured it was fait accompli that right tackle Justin Pugh would move to guard and that Flowers would begin his career at right tackle.

Well, that may be how things ultimately work out. The Giants, though are not committing to that just yet.

"Justin Pugh, right now, is the starting right tackle for the Giants," offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo told reporters during the recently-concluded rookie mini-camp.

So, where does that put Flowers?

"We are going to play our best five and if he is one of them, he will find a spot," said a very non-committal McAdoo.

Seriously, though, let's not be surprised that the Giants aren't coming out and handing Flowers a spot after two days of rookie mini-camp. It's a bit like Tom Quinn saying it's possible Odell Beckham Jr. could return punts this season. It is the middle of May. The Giants have held two rookie mini-camp practices. The full team has not yet been on the field for OTAs, mandatory mini-camp, training camp or any preseason games.

Now is the time for getting acclimated, for exploring options, for getting ready for the upcoming season. Now is not yet the time when personnel decisions have to be made.

McAdoo said where Flowers will play "remains to be seen."

"We believe that he has a skill set to play left tackle in this league. We are going to give him opportunities to train out there. We will give him opportunities to train at multiple spots," McAdoo said. "That doesn't mean we are going to pencil him in to one spot right now."

As we have discussed many times, right tackle and left guard seem like the logical openings. Either would make some sense. Putting Flowers at right tackle keeps him on the outside and allows Pugh to move inside, where some think his long-term future should be, anyway. Putting Flowers at left guard keeps him on the left side, where he played at Miami. It also puts a massive run blocker in the middle of the Giants' offensive line.