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2015 NFL Draft Results: Giants' coach Tom Coughlin lauds pick of Landon Collins

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Head coach wanted a defensive player with the second-round pick, and he got the best safety on the board.

Landon Collins separates a receiver from the football
Landon Collins separates a receiver from the football
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

After the New York Giants made Ereck Flowers their first-round selection on Thursday night, Giants coach Tom Coughlin admitted Friday that he was "anxious' to see the team get a defensive player in the second round to help new coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

The Giants wasted no time doing that, moving up from No. 40 overall to the 33rd overall pick, the first of the second round, and selecting Alabama safety Landon Collins. The Giants also sent a fourth-round pick (108th overall) and a seventh-round pick (245th overall) to the Tennessee Titans to make the deal happen.

Coughlin seemed thrilled by the move for the hard-hitting Collins:

"[It] couldn't be a better situation for us. Everybody thinks of him as a solid hitter. They kept saying over and over on television about being in the box. That will be a part of it, but you can't play in this level as a safety without having to defend the middle of the field. I think he will be able to do that," Collins said shortly after the pick was announced. "He thought he would go in the first round. He needs to come in here and prove to everybody that he should have. That is a good situation. Any time we've have had that one, it has turned out pretty well for us."

Safety, of course, was a high priority for the Giants this offseason. Antrel Rolle (Chicago Bears) and Stevie Brown (Houston Texans) have found new teams, and the Giants are starting over at that spot. Coughlin admitted it was "very important" that the Giants add another safety to the mix.

Collins will join youngsters Nat Berhe and Cooper Taylor, along with free-agent signee Josh Gordy. Cornerbacks Cykie Brown and Bennett Jackson may also convert to safety.

"He will help us on special teams. He will compete for a starting job. He is a smart guy. He has contributed at Alabama in many different ways, as a leader and as a guy in the secondary making the calls. We are excited about the pick," Coughlin said. " I think it is a fair deal for both teams. Tennessee is obviously looking for picks to go along with their first round choice. If you want something and it is above you, you have to give it up. I thought it was a fair deal."

It is certainly one that makes the Giants' safety situation look much more appetizing heading into the 2015 season.