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New York Giants 2015 Schedule: Preseason opponents announced

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Let's get excited about games that don't count!

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We finally have tangible proof that the 2015 NFL season is approaching. It's felt as though time has stood still as we slowly pass the days while we wait for the draft to get here.

But Thursday the New York Giants released their schedule for the 2015 preseason. For the third consecutive year, the Giants will be facing all AFC opponents.

Week 1 (August 13th - 17th)

New York Giants at Cincinnati Bengals - The first preseason game will take place in Cincinnati. This marks the fourth time the Giants have met the Bengals in preseason, and the first time since 1998. In a stat that will have no bearing on the match-up, the Giants have won each of the three previous preseason games.

Week 2 (August 20th - 24th)

New York Giants vs. Jacksonville Jaguars - The Giants get a chance to avenge an embarrassing 2014 loss in the second week of the preseason. This marks the eighth time the Giants and Jags have met in preseason, and interestingly enough, Tom Coughlin has been one of the head coaches for each of those games.

(I wonder if the Giants' strategy will involve taking a knee on every possession in the second half?)

Week 3 (August 27th - 30th)

New York Giants vs. New York Jets - In an annual preseason tradition, the Giants will face the Jets for the 47th year in a row in what has become the "Snoopy Bowl". Even though both teams are playing at home, the Giants will be the home home team, while the Jets will be the road home team. The third preseason game is usually the "dress rehearsal" for the regular season, so this game should provide a nice preview for the regular season match-up between the two teams.

Week 4 (most likely Thursday, Sept. 3rd)

New York Giants at New England Patriots - In another preseason tradition, the Giants will finish their preseason by facing the Patriots. This year marks the eleventh consecutive time these two teams have finished their preseasons by playing each other. Even though it is the final preseason game, it should be a good one, because it usually is when these two teams throw down.

Like the Jets, the Giants will be facing the Patriots in the regular season.

Even though preseason games don't count, they are far from meaningless. This will give us our first looks at the bones of Steve Spagnuolo's defense, and there is usually a player who comes from nowhere to create some excitement -- such as Victor Cruz or Corey Washington.

So, Big Blue View, which game are you looking forward to the most?