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Who is the worst Giants' draft pick since 1990?

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Ron Dayne? Cedric Jones? Who was it?

Ron Dayne
Ron Dayne
Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Is running back Ron Dayne the worst New York Giants' draft pick since 1990? CBS Sports thinks so. In recent look at the worst picks since 1990 for all 32 NFL teams, Will Brinson of CBS chose Dayne, the Heisman Trophy-winning running back taken 11th overall by the Giants in 2000.

Dayne was an awful pick by the Giants, a player whose collegiate dominance never translated at the NFL level. He was a 250-pound man who ran tentatively, and averaged 3.5 yards per carry in four seasons with the Giants.

Here are the other players CBS considered as 'worst' picks by the Giants:

  • Derek Brown, TE, 14th, 1992 -- Caught only 11 passes in three seasons with the Giants. Finished a seven-year career with 43 total catches.
  • Thomas Lewis, WR, 24th, 1997 -- Caught 74 passes in four seasons with the Giants, 53 of them in 1996. Washed out of the NFL after his time in New York.
  • Cedric Jones, DE, 5th, 1996 -- Defensive end Simeon Rice went third. Hall of Fame offensive tackle Jonathan Ogden went fourth. The Giants took Jones fifth. He did not record a sack until his third season, and finished his career with 15 in five years.
  • William Joseph, DT, 25th, 2003 -- The Giants made Joseph the ninth defensive lineman selected in the 2003 first round. He started only 17 games in four seasons with the Giants, then finished his career as a backup with the Oakland Raiders.

Vote in the poll and let us know which of these five picks was the worst made by the Giants since 1990.