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2015 NFL Draft: Jared Lorenzen doesn't think Jameis Winston is fat

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Jared Lorenzen doesn't see anything wrong with Jameis Winston's physique... Do you?

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Former New York Giants (backup) quarterback Jared Lorenzen took to Twitter over concerns about  prospective top quarterback Jameis Winston's physique.

Lorenzen said in an interview with CBS Sports that he doesn't see any issues with Winston's rather unathletic physique, stating

"Everybody goes back to the famous picture of Tom Brady when they saw him (when he was a sixth-rounder)," Lorenzen said on CBS Sports Radio's The DA Show. "By no means is (Winston) going to be Tom Brady, but by no means is he JaMarcus Russell, either. He's not me. He doesn't look that big. He's just a big guy."

This is, of course,one area where Lorenzen is certainly an expert. Though he won a Super Bowl ring with the Giants in 2007, Lorenzen is more fondly remembered as the quarterback of a dozen, or more, nicknames: "Hefty Lefty", "Pillsbury Throwboy", "Round Mound Of Touchdown", "Battleship Lorenzen", and "J.Load" were just a few of the nicknames inspired by Lorenzen's considerable, and unconventional, girth.

Lorenzen went on to reinforce his point, saying:

"You're not outrunning people," he continued. "You still got to have your quick feet. You still got to have your mobility, quick arm release, all that. But I don't think being big at the quarterback position is a bad thing. I was talking to some people earlier: Name me the last big quarterback that got hurt. You look around the league, all these skinny guys that can run around -- RG3 -- all these guys are always hurt. The big guys are used to it. We can take the pounding. We can take what it's like to play 16 to 20 games a season."

There is, of course, some validity to this statement. Eli Manning, the league's current Iron Man at quarterback, is hardly an athletic specimen. But he asks who the last "Big" quarterback to get injured wa ... I can name two off the top of my head: Ben Roethlisberger and Cam Newton. They have both missed time due to injury, and are two of the biggest quarterbacks in the league.

A true pocket QB doesn't have to be particularly athletic. It helps when they can scramble and extend the play, but Lorenzen is right. A quarterback's feet and arm -- and above all his mind -- are far more important than his legs. That's why I will always prefer a traditional pocket passer, such as Eli, Peyton, or Brady, over an athletic dual-threat QB like Griffon or Mike Vick. The pocket passer's game isn't dependent on his athletic ability so they take fewer hits and can play better for longer. From that point of view, there aren't any problems with Winston's body composition.

All that being said, if I were in Winston's place, I would be cut like a freakin' diamond. I would want to show, without saying or doing a single thing, that I am absolutely dedicated to to my craft, right down to what and how I fuel my body.

But that might just be me. What do you think, Giants fans?