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Big Blue Chat, Episode 11: Reviewing last week's player press conferences

Another podcast to help you fill more of your day.

Graphic by Alex Sinclair

Another episode of the 'Big Blue Chat' podcast with Pat Traina (Bleacher Report/Inside Football) and yours truly is now available for your listening pleasure. If you still haven't listened to Friday's podcast featuring former Giants scout Dan Hatman you can still do that.

In this episode we discuss what was said by several of the players who spoke to reporters last week. The podcast also features several clips from last week's press conferences, which Pat was able to gather by attending said pressers. Yours truly stayed in his upstate NY cave and listened via the live stream.

-- We talked about Odell Beckham and his desire to eliminate some of the "unnecessary stuff" from his game.

-- We talked about Victor Cruz and his recovery from surgery on his torn patella tendon.

-- We talked about Justin Pugh, who seemed much more open to changing positions than he was at the end of the season.

-- We talked about the confidence displayed by Nat Berhe when he spoke to the media.

-- We talked about Jon Beason and the leadership question on the Giants' defense.

-- Finally, we talked about Eli Manning and his contract situation.

NOTE: Thanks to BBV staff member Alex Sinclair for the new podcast logo.