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Big Blue Chat, Episode 10: Ex-Giants scout gives glimpse behind the curtain

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Listen up! Big Blue Chat, episode 10 is here!

The 2015 NFL Draft is less than a week away, and with that as a background Pat Traina (Bleacher Report/Inside Football) and I have recorded the latest edition of our 'Big Blue Chat' podcast. We talk about some of what general manager Jerry Reese said on Thursday, and get some insight into the draft process and how the Giants conduct business via Dan Hatman, a former scout for the Giants and founder of the Scouting Academy, which trains people hoping for a career in scouting or who at least want to learn more about the process.

A few key points.

-- Pat and I discuss points Reese made about character and about wanting to find a cornerstone type player with the ninth pick.

-- We discuss some of the key games on the 2015 Giants' schedule, which was just released this week.

-- Hatman discusses his time with the Giants and says the organization has a long-held "very clear plan" when it comes to how they approach the draft and the type of players they look for. He said the "character piece for the Giants organization is critical" and that a player's "frame" can be the deciding factor when grades are equal. Hatman that going all the way back to Bill Parcells the organization has believed that "big people beat up little people."

Give the show a listen and discuss below.