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Giants' safety Nat Berhe takes swipe at ex-coordinator Perry Fewell

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Second-year player says Steve Spagnuolo easier to talk with.

Perry Fewell
Perry Fewell
Al Bello/Getty Images

The New York Giants paraded player after player to the Quest Diagnostics Training Center podium on Thursday. The biggest news might have come from second-year safety Nat Berhe, who took what can only be interpreted as a swipe at former defensive coordinator Perry Fewell.

"Coach Spags, I can talk to him," Berhe said. "I don't know if I could say that about the last coordinator. He was good, but Coach Spags is someone I can have a conversation with."

The Giants, of course, replaced Fewell with Steve Spagnuolo, back for his second tour with the Giants.

Berhe avoided a follow-up question about his relationship with Fewell. "I wish him all the best. That's pretty much it," Berhe said.

Berhe did express confidence in his ability to fill one of the safety slots this season.

"It's funny to me. It's funny how last year people were calling for young guys to play and they wanted us to play. And now that we've got the opportunity to play, it's like 'oh my goodness, the young guys are going to play.' Everyone is scared," Berhe said. "It's kind of funny to me. I wouldn't be here if I couldn't play.

"Everybody gets caught in in seniority and stuff like that. If you make plays there's no reason you shouldn't be starting."

Berhe added that he hopes to see a more attack oriented defense this season. "Last year I felt like we were more reactionary," he said.