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Giants morning report: Previewing Jerry Reese's pre-draft press conference

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New York Giants headlines for Thursday, 4/23.

Jerry Reese
Jerry Reese
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here are your Thursday morning Giants-related headlines.

Jerry Reese press conference today

Giants' general manager Jerry Reese meets the media today at Quest Diagnostics Training Center for his annual pre-draft press conference. Yours truly is not making the 2.5-hour trek to listen to Reese as the presser is expected to streamed at Besides, history tells us we can predict much of what Reese will say, anyway. The GM traditionally plays it close to the vest, reveals little, and has a number of "go-to" phrases. At some point, Reese is virtually guaranteed to say:

  • "We'll try to pick the best player available."
  • "I'm trying to find eight good players for the Giants. I think there will be eight good players for us."
  • "We want to get good players at every position."
  • "We just try to pick the best players."
  • "We keep all of our options open."
  • "We try to get more right than we get wrong, but nobody's batting a thousand in personnel."

Those are all versions of things Reese said during his 2014 pre-draft press conference. And in every pre-draft presser he has ever held. Almost certainly, he will say many of the same things today. Sometimes I wonder if Reese stands in front of a mirror and rehearses these 'say something without saying anything' lines.

More headlines

Free-agent safety Stevie Brown reportedly visited with the Houston Texan on Tuesday. The best fit for Brown has been thought to be a return to the Giants, where he has been since 2012. Is he serious about going to Houston, or just trying to get the Giants to increase their contract offer? I guess we will find out.

This one won't be popular around here, but Nick Powell of NJ Advance Media calls Louisville wide receiver Devante Parker "overrated" and makes the case for why the Giants probably won't select him ninth overall in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Ernie Palladino makes the case for why the Giants should stop messing around and give Eli Manning a contract extension.