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Giants morning report: Defensive players finally meet Steve Spagnuolo

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New York Giants headlines for Tuesday, 4/21.

Steve Spagnuolo
Steve Spagnuolo
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Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here are your Tuesday morning headlines.

Steve Spagnuolo, players meet

Due to the offseason restrictions imposed by the CBA, Giants' defensive players had not had the opportunity to meet new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo or get a glimpse of what the new defense might look like until the voluntary offseason training program began on Monday.

Their reaction?

"It's very exciting," cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie said. "If you know anything about Spags and what he has done in this league, you know his defenses get after it. He's already gone to the Super Bowl with this team. You are excited to play for him and get back to playing that type of defense."

"It was great meeting the new coaches (including secondary/cornerbacks coach Tim Walton) and learning about the tradition of the Giants," cornerback Prince Amukamara said. "(They talked about) getting back to the pillars starting with the Maras and the Tisches and the players who went before us - the Jessie Armsteads, the Tom Landrys, the LT's. All of that has been really educating.

Linebacker Jameel McClain was a member of the Baltimore Ravens when Spagnuolo was hired there as a consultant in 2013.

"Everyone on the defense is going to find out about Spags," McClain said. "There isn't really anything I have to tell them. He is a smart man. He is an honest man. He is a fair man. That is everything that every player wants all together. That is all they need to know about him. The rest of that is that they just go out there and play and we will be great.

"I think everybody will love Spags, not just people on the team, but fans. They already know about Spags. They know what he brings to the game. Everybody will buy in and we will have a great defense off of what he brings to the game, too."

Jason Pierre-Paul to skip workouts

Defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul will not take part in the offseason workout program. That really is no surprise as this has become the norm in the NFL. The workouts are voluntary and Pierre-Paul technically remains unsigned. The Giants used the franchise tag on Pierre-Paul to retain him for 2015, but he has not yet signed that contract. The Giants have until July 15 to sign Pierre-Paul to a long-term offer, otherwise Pierre-Paul can only play the 2015 season under the one-year, $14.8 million franchise tag. NJ Advance Media reported that the Giants have not yet made Pierre-Paul a long-term contract offer.


"I recognize more faces this year than last year. Last year, we had a lot of new players, on offense and defense. I thought coming in last year my first priority was to learn my teammates, which was ahead of learning the offensive playbook. This year you still have some new guys, which you always do. (There are) more familiar faces all around and you should be able to build a pretty good understanding of the offense going in and now (we) can keep learning that and get better with it."

-- Eli Manning

More headlines

Prince Amukamara said Monday that he is about "90 percent" recovered from the torn right biceps that landed him on injured reserve after eight games last season. He said he "should be good" going forward.

The New York Post reports that there is a "good chance" that safety Stevie Brown will return to the Giants. There are other suitors for Brown, but the Dallas Cowboys are apparently not one of them.