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Rick Gosselin: Giants stole Dwayne Harris from Cowboys

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Rick Gosselin, one of the best Cowboys writers out there, has some lofty praise for the new Giants special teamer.

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Amid all the hubbub about big boards, mock drafts, values, needs, Scherffs, and what not, there's been radio silence about a lot of the new free-agent signees and how much they will contribute to the New York Giants this year. So let's take a break from the draft stuff and dive into that a bit.

Rick Gosselin, of the Dallas Morning News, is one of the best writers covering the so-called (and puke-inducing) "America's Team" and he came out with quite an interesting take recently. Here's the article in it's entirety: Dallas Morning News

The title of the article is: "The most challenging hole for the Cowboys to fill isn't Demarco Murray."

Well then, who is?

Interestingly enough, it was the hole left by one of teh two former Cowboys signed by the Giants, a player who's five-year, $17.5 million contract was among the most widely panned moves in all of NFL free agency. That is, of course, Dwayne Harris. This is what Gosselin had to say:

How can anyone give that much money to a wide receiver who has caught only 33 passes in his four NFL seasons?

Simple -- the Giants stole one of the NFL’s best special-teams players away from the Cowboys.

If you honestly believe special teams constitute a third of the game, this was a titanic hit to the Cowboys. Not of the magnitude of Murray’s departure to Philadelphia - but not far behind.

In luring Harris out of Dallas, the Giants signed the best kick returner, the best punt returner, the best kickoff coverage ace and the best gunner on the punt team away from the Cowboys.

Harris may not have been the offensive threat that the Giants might be looking for, but as Gosselin suggests, he's got the upside and the talent to flip the tables when it comes to special teams. Not only have the Giants added a super-weapon to that side of the field, they've taken away one from the Cowboys.

Let's not forget how important special teams are. It's no mistake that the Eagles and Cowboys got to the records they had in part by how incredible their special teams were. We all know how bad special teams can torpedo a team as well. The Giants have been on that end for far too long. The Giants actually outscored the Eagles on offense last season.

We also know that there are players out there who can transcend the scheme and the sorrow. The Giants have had the same special teams coach for a long time now (too long for most folks), and they've been miserable with the exception of 2012. David Wilson lit a fire into that entire group and raised the entire level of play. It seems like Gosselin is suggesting that Harris is the same type of player.

If that's the case, well, maybe he isn't so overpaid after all.