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Draft questions dominate this week's BBV Mailbag

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Your questions, my answers.

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The 2015 NFL Draft is inching closer and closer. So, of course this week's Big Blue View Mailbag is filled with questions about the New York Giants plans for the upcoming draft.

Ed says: The way I look at the ninth overall pick is that the Giants will try to get the most value they possibly can. It's only time in Jerry Reese's tenure as GM that they have picked in the top 10. I think they go for the player they believe will be the biggest long-term difference maker, regardless of position. What this is will be dictated by who is left on the board. Defensive line makes sense. Safety or cornerback makes sense -- if they think there is a player who is deserving of bring the ninth pick. There are three, maybe four, players considered top 15 wide receivers. Maybe the Giants believe one of them is that real difference maker. Maybe they think it's running back Todd Gurley. To me, the safe play is offensive or defensive line. The Giants, though, have a ton of interesting choices here.

Of all the players being linked with the giants who will be expected to be taken in the first 2 days of the draft. Who do you least want the Giants to select and why? -- Mike Shallcross

Ed says: Ah, a different twist on a draft question. The 'what draft pick would make you throw the remote at the TV?' question. I'm of the belief that some of the under-sized edge rushers, the guys who are better suited to be 3-4 outside linebackers than 4-3 defensive ends, are players the Giants should pass on. My 'throw the remote' guy? Randy Gregory of Nebraska. Between the character concerns and the fact that he is tiny for an NFL defensive end I think he's probably the worst fit for the Giants of any player who seems likely to be in consideration at No. 9. He played last season at 220 pounds, while 4-3 NFL defensive ends are usually 260-280 He is not a 4-3 outside linebacker. I just don't see the fit. And with the failed drug test and reported character concerns I think it's a massive risk at that point in the draft that the Giants can't afford to take.

Hakeem Nicks was one of the top ten receivers in the NFL just a few short years ago and amazing with Cruz. Now it looks like he might be out of the league-what the heck happened?? -- John Namerow (via Facebook)

Ed says: Mostly, I think injuries happened. Nicks has had a series of foot and knee injuries, and it doesn't take much to lose that tiny bit of explosion that made a player special, or to have enough doubt about your health creep into your mind that you lose that little bit of aggressiveness that helped you make contested catches. Nicks has also admitted that maybe he lost his passion a little bit after some of the injuries. It's unlikely he will ever be more than a role player in the NFL going forward.

Why has the LB position been ignored by the Giants for years? Has the position lost some of its relevance not just with the Giants but within the scheme of defenses league wide? I would like to see them take Kendricks and shaq with their first two picks. -- Greg Alfaro (via Facebook)

Ed says: This is a question Giants fans have wondered about for a long time. I truly believe the linebacker spot has lost some of its importance in the current NFL. How many 4-3 linebackers are three-down players now, anyway? A lot of these guys get replaced on passing downs by extra defensive backs, and lots of teams are playing as much or more 4-2-5 than 4-3. The linebacker has really been somewhat devalued, while the defensive end and the defensive back spots have become more important. That said, the Giants have made a couple of mistakes. Clint Sintim (Round 2, 2009) did not pan out. In 2010, they chose wide receiver Jerrel Jernigan in the third round when they could have had linebacker Mason Foster. It wouldn't shock me to see them take a linebacker this year on Day 2, but having signed J.T. Thomas and Jonathan Casillas as free agents it probably isn't at the top of the list.

How's that kid we signed from the Canadian league? He seems to have plenty upside but does not get mentioned much, is he the missing piece to the Giants Oline? -- Jay Vince (via Facebook)

Ed says: Well, Jay, you've seen him play just as many times as I have. Which is zero. I seriously doubt, though, that the Giants look at him as the "missing piece" to their offensive line. He is a young guy who showed talent at the CFL level. I look at him more like a Day 3 type draft pick, and that's the way I think the Giants see him. He's a guy they are curious about, but I wouldn't count on him being a key player as a rookie. He has to adjust to the NFL game, which is a different style than the CFL. He may also have to learn to play guard, so he has a big learning curve ahead of him.

If the Giants don't take an OT in the first round what do they plan on doing at the RG/RT position since they only have 4 viable starters in Beatty, Schwartz, Richburg & Pugh? Everyone else on the roster is a backup at best. -- MIke Duca (via Facebook)

Ed says: Well, first let's remember that there is more than one round to the draft. Most analysts will tell you that there are several players -- including A.J. Cann of South Carolina, Tre' Jackson of Florida State, Laken Tomlinson of Duke and maybe Ali Marpet of Hobart -- who could be drafted on Day 2 and become instant NFL starters at guard. Giants fans don't want to hear it, and maybe the Giants don't want to do it, but John Jerry started all 16 games a year ago and was a starter for two seasons in Miami before that. So, he could be a fall back option. There are also still a handful of veteran short-term options available on the free-agent market. Those guys could be in play after the draft if the Giants miss out on the top offensive line targets.

If Ryan Nassib has a great preseason do the Giants look to trade him for a pick now or risk losing him as a free agent next season and get nothing in return for a former 4th round pick? -- Eric Kortright (via Facebook)

Ed says: First, let's clarify something. NFL rookie contracts are four years in duration. Nassib cannot be a free agent until after the 2016 season, so the Giants are in no danger of him walking away after 2015. From what I've heard, there is currently no trade market for Nassib. That might change, but right now it doesn't look like the Giants can get anything for him. I seriously doubt the Giants would trade him during the preseason. Let's see what this season brings. If he gets to play some maybe he would have some trade value.

What are the chances of the Giants going back for a few extra picks? -- Jim Roman (via Facebook)

Ed says: Trading down from the No. 9 pick and adding extra draft choices is an idea that I have endorsed, particularly if the Giants can trade down and still remain in the top half of the first round. That said, I think it's extremely unlikely to happen. It's not the way the Giants usually do things. I also believe Reese is going to want to make that pick at No. 9, the highest pick he has ever had the chance to make. Most likely, the Giants will stay at No. 9 and choose the player they believe will help them the most.