The case against Leonard a top 10 pick


I recently posted a couple of comments on why I think Leonard Williams is not a top 10 pick. Sure, I agree that physically he's about as talented of a DT that we'll probably see over the next 10 to 15 years come into the draft.

....but when I read Strahampton's comment about moving up in the draft to go get him, I needed to check the tape to understand that push. I thought I was going to see a really good prospect and Williams certainly didn't let me down in that aspect.

What I couldn't get past, which is my favorite trait, is his questionable motor (at times) and absolutely piss poor explosion off the ball. I thought he did a great job of taking on cut blocks but I realized that his slow starts out of the blocks just made that easier to handle.

I really don't think Williams is easy to block and he can dominate in any game in which he chooses. I will not say that he has 'Haynesworth' traits but I do see 'Hageman' like characteristics in which he chooses to engage.

Overall, I couldn't really explain my case against Williams until I watched some film and then saw the tape on the last five minutes against Arizona State. Many of you know the comeback game where AZ St. makes an amazing comeback that is capped off by Jalen Strong (who I think is the 3rd best WR behind Cooper and White) touchdown to win the game.

To the Leonard Williams fans. Where is Williams in the last five minutes of this game?

AZ St versus USC

Please reference Ricky-Bobby Geneva convention when I say 'With All Due Respect': I'm not picking on Strahampton but it was his comment that started the dialogue. I also hold claim to saying Hundley is horrendous and will never amount to anything in the NFL.

Ricky Bobby

Geneva Convention

This is my first Fanpost and hopefully it will not live in infamy.

Where is Williams?

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