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Victor Cruz: 'A long way to go' as he rehabs knee

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Giants' star wide receiver gives update on his recovery.

Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz
Al Bello/Getty Images

Where is New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz in his recovery from surgery on his torn patellar tendon. Here is what Cruz told while making an appearance at a Samsung event.

"I've started to do some things and I'm starting to feel my knee getting better and responding better, but I understand there's a long way to go and a process and I don't wanna rush anything."

Cruz also described the rehab process:

"It definitely is one of the most difficult things I've had to go through in my life. Still currently going through it. It's not easy to come back from something like this and to work every day. I guess I'm in the parts right now when it's more [physical]. Physically getting it stronger, getting the muscle back. Literally when you have surgery on your knee, the muscles atrophy and just go [away]. Your muscles just go [away]. So physically is definitely the hardest part right now. I think the mental aspect was early and then it'll be late. "Early" meaning when it first happened, thinking you probably won't be able to even run again; and "late" when you are able to run and jump and mentally being able to connect to your knee, saying that you can do all these things and not being afraid to do it. I think that's both sides of it."

No big in-depth thoughts or conclusions here. We will get a  better idea of where Cruz is in his recovery once the Giants get to training camp and we see if he lands on PUP and what the expectations will be for whether he starts the season on the active roster.