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2015 NFL Draft: Peter King mocks Brandon Scherff, OL, Iowa, to The New York Giants

In a shocking turn of events, a mock draft has the Giants selecting Brandon Scherff, OL, Iowa.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports


Yet another mock draft features the New York Giants taking Iowa offensive lineman Brandon Scherff.

Yep, that's right. Peter King wants the Giants to go Scherffing now, everybody's mocking him now.

We're going on a Scherffing Safari.

It's Scherffing NYC!

If the Giants had cheerleaders, King (and the rest of the mock drafters), would be calling for them to be renamed "Scherff-er Girls".

We're going to Scherff City.

Okay, that's enough Scherff Rock puns, let's get to what King actually said.

Brandon Scherff, OT, Iowa.

Pretty easy pick, though I have no idea if this is GM Jerry Reese's man. G-Men need the line to be fortified, and Scherff is the best offensive lineman on everyone's board. Don't think too hard here, Jerry.


Raptor's View

Previously, King stated that in this draft a player some team might have at 10 on their board could be the 30th player on another team's board. After saying that, I'm not sure how he can claim Scherff is the top lineman on "everyone's" board.

Elsewhere in King's mock are:

10) Shane Ray (EDGE, Missouri) - Washington Redskins *trade

13) Randy Gregory (EDGE, Nebraska) - New Orleans

14) DeVante Parker (WR, Louisville) - Miami Dolphins

17) Andrus Peat (OT, Stanford) - San Diego Chargers

19) Danny Shelton (DT, Washington) - Cleveland Browns

28) La'El Collins (OL, LSU) - Denver Broncos

Personally, I would take any of those players before Scherff at 9, so I hope Jerry Reese thinks just a bit harder about this pick than King did.

I, quite frankly, don't like the pick of Scherff for a couple reasons.

First, he's a player who would have to switch positions for the Giants. Justin Pugh is the superior pass blocker, and in a league where the top edge rushers primarily face right tackles, the demands for pass protection from the right side are as high as from the left tackle position.

And as a conversion player, Scherff is going to have to learn and master new techniques, some of which Geoff Schwartz talked about in his recent Q&A with Big Blue View. As a team that is under orders from ownership to "Win Now, Or Else.", the Giants might not have the time for a rookie left tackle to adapt to playing a new position in the NFL.

And finally, it doesn't make fiscal, or historic, sense to me. With the rookie salary cap, teams can add premium players at premium positions for a fraction of their cost under the old CBA or off the free agent market. There absolutely is development needed to get the most out of them, but the opportunity to have a franchise cornerstone player -- quarterback, wide receiver, left tackle, edge rusher, cornerback -- on a 5-year rookie deal is a tremendous competitive advantage for teams.

At 9th overall, the Giants' pick will cost $2,332,018. That is in the upper half of what a starting NFL left guard makes per year as of 2015, and roughly half to a third of what a top-10 guard makes.

On the other hand, that is fifth or less of a top-10 wide receiver, left tackle, or edge rusher makes in free agency, and a piddly tenth of what a quarterback makes.

If you are picking in the top-10, you should have reasonable expectations of selecting a player who will be in the top-10 at his position in short order. Having that player cost you a small fraction of what a free agent would cost gives a team tremendous cap flexibility to retain previous draftees or address multiple needs through free agency.

I also mentioned that this doesn't make sense historically. I'm not going to argue that the offensive line needs to be finished. However, that doesn't mean it needs to be done with the 9th overall pick. The Giants have, barring a trade down, seven more picks in the draft. And simply put, in each of the last three drafts the best offensive linemen have been drafted after the first round. Kelechi Osemele (Baltimore, 60th overall, 2012), Larry Warford (Detroit, 65th overall, 2013), and Joel Bitonio (Cleveland, 35th overall, 2014) were all the best rated linemen from their draft classes. Meanwhile, players like Matt Kalil, Eric Fisher, Luke Joeckle, Jon Cooper, Chance Warmack, and Greg Robinson -- all of whom were considered "can't miss" prospects and were drafted in the top-10 -- have all failed to play up to their draft statuses, with Kalil being an outright bust.

Final Thoughts

All joking and puns aside, Brandon Scherff was a fine player in college. Will he be one in the NFL? I have no clue, and neither does anybody else. Best guess at this point is that he will be, though a history of injuries and a position change makes that projection considerably more difficult than normal.

However, for my money I don't think it makes sense from any angle that the Giants spend the highest pick they have had in a decade on a left guard who has never played guard. If it's me, I'm taking Shane Ray, DeVante Parker, Andrus Peat, La'El Collins, or even Randy Gregory -- though I'd need to do more homework and have a frank man to man talk with him -- and run.

So that's where I stand. What do you think Giants fans? Does King (and everybody else) have it right?