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2015 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Chris Hackett, FS, TCU

Is Chris Hackett a realistic option for the Giants?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants are desperate for safety help. Since Will Hill left, that position has been in shambles and a good free safety would do wonders for the defense on the back end. Chris Hackett is one of the top safeties in the draft because he's an instinctive player but he does have his limitations. Let's explore him a little further and try and determine whether or not he's a fit here.


- One of the smartest safeties in the draft

- Read and react skills are plus

- Good run supporter

- Tracks the ball well in the air and can make plays on it


- Limited range

- Reason range is limited because speed/athleticism is a huge concern; combine amplified concerns

Does He Fit With The Giants?

Maybe. Range is a big thing with safeties, and it's what separates the household names from all the rest. The Giants do need some intelligent players on the back end that can protect from the deep ball, so I suppose Hackett fits if he goes in the right round, though any hope of him in man coverage when Spags dials up a blitz is a risky proposition.

Prospect Video

Big Board Rankings

Big Blue View -  Not in top 100

Mocking The Draft - 85

CBS Sports - 73

Draft Tek - 63

Final Thoughts

Look at that spider graph. Hackett is supremely intelligent and plays the spot well, but there are obvious limitations for a safety that runs a 4.81 with limited change of direction ability. I may sound harsh, but that's the reality of it. That being said, his tape is excellent and it's what is ultimately going to salvage his stock. I can definitely see him as a third-round player simply because the safety class this year is dreadful. He'll be a risk because of his lack of athleticism, but a team that knows these limitations could get one hell of a player.