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2015 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Brett Hundley, QB, UCLA

Brett Hundley is now the consensus third QB in the NFL Draft. Let's read a bit more on him.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants don't exactly need a quarterback at this point. However, if Ryan Nassib ends up being traded, it's always a possibility for the team to restock at the backup position.

More importantly, it's reconnaissance on our team's rivals. It's no secret that the Philadelphia Eagles are looking for a quarterback and the Washington Redskins might be as well. Brett Hundley is an exciting player who fits the mold for both, so let's do some digging:


- Superior athleticism

- Well built player, with prototypical dimensions for an athletic QB

- Dual threat as a passer and as a runner

- Plus arm strength, can really push the ball downfield

- Reportedly a locker room leader/alpha male


- Mechanics break down under pressure

-  Accuracy is all over the place, especially when outside of the pocket

- Sacked an NCAA high 125 times, leading some to question internal clock

- Doesn't go through progressions and has minimal anticipation on throws

Does He Fit With The Giants?

No. His mid-range accuracy is frustratingly low and I'm not a fan of the way he reacts under pressure. His internal clock is questionable and with the heavy amounts of pressure that Eli Manning has been under lately, I don't think it's going to be a great fit. Also, I just don't think we're drafting a QB.

Prospect Video

Big Board Rankings

Big Blue View - 76

Mocking The Draft - 73

CBS Sports - 41

Draft Tek - 44

Final Thoughts

The issues that Hundley has are big ones, but he's flashed star caliber traits. Am I big believer in him? No. I'm not. I think his accuracy issues and inconsistency might just be too much, but in the right development system, he could be intriguing. The Eagles, Seahawks, and Rams seem like the best fits for him right now, especially the Eagles. There's no doubt he's physically gifted. Behind the rock solid Eagle offensive line, he could develop into a nasty dual threat QB. So as far as his draft stock goes, for certain schemes, he could be a late-first round type player. For most teams and in most years that aren't as terrible in terms of QB classes, I'd have him as a late-fourth rounder.