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Damontre Moore Seen With Arm In Sling

This can't be good.

Damontre Moore at the Texas A&M Pro Day
Damontre Moore at the Texas A&M Pro Day
Charean Williams

This cannot be a good sight for New York Giants fans. That is Giants defensive end Damontre Moore with his right arm in what appears to be a sling while watching the proceedings Wednesday at the Texas A&M Pro Day.

There is, of course, no indication what injury Moore is apparently protecting. Did have have offseason surgery? Remember that Moore has shoulder surgery after his rookie season. Is this related to that? We don't know, and perhaps won't know for sure until the Giants begin offseason workouts.

Whatever it is, though, it doesn't look like a good thing. We found out a few weeks ago that defensive end Robert Ayers, who suffered a torn pectoral muscle at the end of the season, had not yet begun lifting weights. At this point, we don't know if his status has changed.

What this picture does tell us is that Moore, along with Ayers, is limited in what he can do this offseason. That's troublesome for a player who needs added weight and strength to be a full-time 4-3 defensive end. It also means defensive end could be a bigger offseason priority than we previously knew.