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New York Giants Potential Free-Agent Target: Brandon Spikes, MLB, Buffalo Bills

Would Spikes fit if the the Giants wanted to replace Jon Beason?

Brandon Spikes
Brandon Spikes
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Would middle linebacker Brandon Spikes, who appears to be on his way out with the Buffalo Bills, be a logical free-agent target for the New York Giants? 'Monday Morning Quarterback' ranks Spikes as the No. 83 free agent headed to the open market, and considers the Giants to be Spikes' best fit.

Greg Bedard writes:

"They have needed a big thumper in the middle for some time. Will bring toughness."

Well, yes, but the Giants already have Jon Beason. The addition of Spikes makes zero sense for the Giants unless they were to cut Beason, who has two seasons left on a three-year, $17 million contract. Cutting Beason would save the Giants more than $13 million in cap space over the next two seasons.

Besides, if the Giants do actually want to replace Beason would they really want to do it with a guy who probably is not a full time player? A guy who is considered a one- or two-down player?

From ESPN, here is the breakdown of Spikes' playing time during his career:

  • 2010 (Patriots) -- 31.7 percent
  • 2011 (Patriots) -- 40.1 percent
  • 2012 (Patriots) -- 66.2 percent
  • 2013 (Patriots) -- 59.7 percent
  • 2014 (Bills) -- 46.3 percent

Spikes will be 28 during the 2015 season, two years younger than Beason. He also has been healthy the last three seasons, missing only one game. The oft-injured Beason played only four games a season ago.

Spikes is an excellent run defender (+7.1 Pro Football Focus grade in 2014, +13.1 in 2013). MMQB calls him "one of the top first- and second-down run defenders in the league."

If the Giants were to decide to replace Beason, which seems unlikely, would Spikes be a possible replacement? Your thoughts, Giants fans?