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2015 BBV Community Mock Draft: Rams select Brandon Scherff, OT, Iowa, 10th overall

The Rams try to rebuild one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL with Brandon Scherff

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Blue View Community Mock Draft rolls on with the St. Louis Rams and the 10th overall pick.

The Pick

10) St. Louis Rams

GM- Jonathan.

Pick - Brandon Scherff - OT/G - Iowa


Well, the Giants just HAD to go and ruin it all. Didn't they? I had DeVante Parker all lined up with the caveat that I'd be picking him if the Giants had listened to the fanbase and picked Scherff. Even had the whole reasoning written out. Guys, that took time. I did that whole write-up on an iPhone. With NO typos! Either way, this is a great fit for the Rams. I was going to pick him over Parker for them even if I like Parker a bit better as a prospect. Scherff should really help out a depleted offensive line and hopefully allow the Rams to get Foles going. The rumor is out there that the Rams quite like Scherff and he's an easy fit into their line. And let's be reality, here. The Rams need help all across their line (Jeff Fisher has admitted as much). Scherff also has QB experience from his high school days. Clearly an added plus.

Raptor's View

I'm all kinds of broken up about snaking Parker from the Rams, but Jonathan. is absolutely right about that line. People talk about a bad Giants line? Well the Rams line was panned across the board by Pro Football Focus, with an injured Roger Saffold getting the most not-negative grade.

Personally, I think I would have gone with Collins here because I think he has more upside than Scherff at tackle, which would give them more flexibility in finding a home for him. But that line needs talent, and if Scherff is the highest graded lineman available, then they should go for him.

The Minnesota Vikings are officially On The Clock!

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