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Would Chip Kelly have traded up to get Odell Beckham?

Eagles' coach says he thought 'Beckham was the best player in the draft.'

Odell Beckham vs. the Eagles
Odell Beckham vs. the Eagles
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Odell Beckham as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles? Fans of the New York Giants should be thankful Chip Kelly did not have control over Eagles' personnel decisions a year ago. Otherwise, that scenario might actually have played out.

The Giants, of course, took Beckham with the 12th overall selection and he went on to have a record-smashing Rookie of the Year season. The Eagles had to wait until the 26th pick, when they selected defensive end Marcus Smith.

Kelly did not come right and say he would have made a move for Beckham if he had been in charge of the draft a year ago. You can, however, read between the lines of what he did say during the NFL owners meetings.

It's easy to say, I said a year ago that I thought Odell Beckham was the best player in the draft. I was right. We didn't have a chance to get Odell Beckham," Kelly said. "I didn't have final say. You always defer to who's in charge."

At the time, that was Howie Roseman. Now, it's Kelly, who has won a power struggle in Philly and has control over all personnel decisions.

Considering the moves he has already made -- swapping LeSean McCoy for Kiko Alonso, signing DeMarco Murray and trading Nick Foles for Sam Bradford -- it is pretty easy to imagine Kelly moving in front of the Giants to grab Beckham if the choice had been his.

Luckily for the Giants, Kelly didn't have the chance.