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Giants free agency bracket challenge: O'Hara ousts Rolle, awaits Burress-Oates winner

O'Hara in finals. Who will he face?

Plaxico Burress
Plaxico Burress
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Our New York Giants free agency bracket challenge has its first finalist. Center Shaun O'Hara easily bested Antrel Rolleearning 78 percent (540) of the 688 votes cast in their semifinal matchup.

The overwhelming nature of O'Hara's victory over Rolle is, at least here, somewhat surprising. The expectation here was that Rolle, because so many are unhappy that the Giants did not make more of an effort this offseason to keep him, would have gotten more support.

Now, who will meet O'Hara in the finals? That semifinal matchup pits Plaxico Burress against Bart Oates.

Will the winner be Burress, the great wide receiver who caught the winning touchdown pass in the 2007 Super Bowl but subsequently helped destroy a promising 2008 season when he shot himself at a nightclub? Will it be Oates, the USFL signee who spent nine years with the Giants as the starting center, went to three Pro Bowls and helped win two Super Bowls?

Vote in the poll and let us know what you think.