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2015 Big Blue View Community Mock Draft: NY Jets take Kevin White, WR, WVU

The Jets continue to build an offense for Geno Smith

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The 6th pick of the 2015 Big Blue View Community Mock Draft is in.

6) New York Jets

GM - nysoldier

Pick - Kevin White, WR, West Virginia


To me, this pick is more about what isn't here, then what is. With the top two QB's off the board and no LT worth the 6th pick in the draft I have to look else where. The best bet would be to trade this pick away and move into the 10-12 range and pick up DeVante Parker. However, we are not allowed to trade picks.The offense has been ignored in the draft for so long in the first round by the Jets that I had a hard time picking yet another defensive player. To me, the Jets need to go "all in" with Geno smith and get him even more help. Besides, I think Brandon Marshal mentored Alshon Jeffery well, and he could do the same for Kevin White.

Raptor's View

The Jets could go a couple ways with this pick. They could look to add a stand-up rusher for Todd Bowles' almost recklessly blitz-happy defensive scheme, or they could look to inject some life in their offense. With the QB's off the board, a receiver to pair with Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, and Jace Amaro looks like the best bet. Personally, I wouldn't have a problem with the Jets opting for Parker instead of White, but then I have the "Big 3" rated equally.

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No. 6 (New York Jets) - Kevin White, WR, WVU