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2015 Big Blue View Community Mock Draft: Jaguars take Leonard Williams, DT, USC

The Jaguars take the best player in the draft to reinforce their defense.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The picks are rolling in, and the Jaguars have made their selection.

The Pick

3) Jacksonville Jaguars
GM: JintsGM

Pick - Leonard Williams DT (USC)


The best player in the draft. Jacksonville has Senderrick Marks but Williams is a difference maker that can cause matchup problems at DE as well as his normal 3 technique DT. Williams has great power, quickness, length and a top notch motor. A likely surefire disruptor for the next decade. While Jacksonville could use another weapon for Bortles like Cooper/White they have gone offense the last few years in a row and its time for an elite building block on that defense.

Raptor's View

Absolutely rock-solid pick. The Jags could go with an edge rusher like Dante Fowler, Randy Gregory, or Vic Beasley, but Williams is -- probably-- the best player in this draft. He has terrific size and the movement skills of a much smaller player. Williams also brings a tremendous amount of scheme versatility, able to play and be disruptive in a the end in a 3-4 front, 3-technique in a 4-3 front, and maybe even be an industrial-sized left defensive end in a heavy 4-man front.

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All The Picks!

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No. 3 (Jacksonville Jaguars) - Leonard Williams, DL, USC