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NFL Trade Rumors: Would Eagles trade OG Evan Mathis to Giants?

Chip Kelly has done weirder things than that.

Evan Mathis
Evan Mathis
Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles' coach Chip Kelly, who has total control of the team's personnel department, has done a lot of unpredictable things already this offseason. Would the Eagles' mastermind do another one by trading offensive guard Evan Mathis within the division, to the New York Giants of all places?

You want a "team fit" for Mathis? The Giants, who need a starting-caliber left guard to complete their offensive line, would seem to perfectly fit that description. Especially as a short-term solution as they revamp their line.

Sure, Mathis will turn 34 during the 2014 season. He has made the Pro Bowl as a left guard in each of the past two seasons, however, and was All-Pro in 2013. His Pro Football Focus grade in 2014 was +25.8 in just nine games, showing that he can very clearly still play.

Mathis, like a fine wine, seems to have gotten better with age. He didn't beocme a full-time starter until 2011, when he joined the Eagles at age 30.

Would Chip actually do business with the Giants? He's done more unpredictable things than that this offseason. Would you want him to when it comes to Mathis, who has two years left on a five-year, $25.5 million contract and carries a $6.5 million 2015 cap hit?