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Giants free agency bracket challenge: Semifinal match-ups are set

Oates bests Pierce for final spot.

Bart Oates snapping to Phil Simms
Bart Oates snapping to Phil Simms
Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The semifinal match-ups in our New York Giants free agency bracket challenge. Our fourth semi-finalist will be center Bart Oates, who edged Antonio Pierce. Oates got 54 percent (494) of 919 votes cast. Pierce got 425 votes.

Our semifinal matchups will pit Antrel Rolle vs. Shaun O'Hara in bracket and Plaxico Burress against Oates in the other bracket. Voting on the first of those two match-ups will take place on Tuesday.

I have to admit I have been surprised by a couple of things. I was surprised the Rolle-McKenzie match-up was so close. I probably over-estimated the support Rolle would receive, and under-estimated the love McKenzie would get from Giants fans. I also fully expected Pierce to advance. Not because I thought that was the right vote, but because of demographics. I figured Pierce's more recent playing career might give him an edge over Oates, who was quite honestly the better player of the two.