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Eli Manning, Giants not close on contract extension, per report

Should the organization give Manning a new deal now, or wait?

Eli Manning
Eli Manning
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Dan Graziano reported Sunday evening that the Giants and quarterback Eli Manning "are no closer to agreement on a contract extension" and that the team appears "comfortable letting Manning play out the final year of his contract." Graziano also reported that the Giants apparently expect Manning to request more than the five-year, $99 million extension quarterback Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers got recently, and that "at this point they don't appear ready to make that kind of commitment."

Valentine's View: I have been anticipating that the Giants and Manning would reach agreement on a contract extension for a while now. If the Roethlisberger deal is the framework, though, that's problematic. A two- or three-year extension seems plausible. Even as well as the 34-year-old Manning played last season, a five-year one does not.

Graziano wrote that the Giants "still believe in Manning as their quarterback, and their primary goal is to keep him a Giant for the remainder of his career." He also said there is "no advantage" to the Giants giving Manning a Roethlisberger-esque extension right now.

Well, there is the idea that the Giants could lower Manning's 2015 salary cap hit of $19.75 million. And that they could settle any debate over who will be their franchise quarterback for the next few seasons.

There is, however, a solid argument against handing Manning a contract extension this offseason. Especially if he wants a deal similar to Roethlisberger's.

That argument goes like this. The Giants enter the 2015 season having missed the playoffs in three consecutive seasons. If they miss the playoffs for a fourth straight year it seems they are almost certain to force Tom Coughlin to retire as head coach. Whether he is playing well or not, do you want to hand a new head coach a 35-year-old starting quarterback? That might work if the new head coach ends up being current offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo or defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. If it is someone currently outside the organization, maybe not.

If the Giants find themselves in the circumstance of missing the playoffs four straight times perhaps they will be in the 'let's start over' mindset. If they do so with a new head coach, might they also want to do so with a new quarterback? Not giving Manning a contract extension now makes that an easier path for the Giants to take.

Your thoughts, Giants fans?