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Giants' Prince Amukamara: Contract situation 'in the back of my head'

Amukamara entering final year of his rookie deal.

Prince Amukamara
Prince Amukamara
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara recently did a very entertaining, informative interview with Amukamara acknowledged he does worry about a contract extension. He also talked about his memories of winning the Super Bowl as a rookie, his royal bloodlines and his social media presence.

Here are a couple of the highlights.

On his contract:

"I would lie if I said that it wasn't in the back of my head, especially after tracking free agency this year. My main focus though is to always be the best corner on my team and to be the best corner in the league. If I can do that, everything will work out."

On his favorite Super Bowl memory ... and this is an answer only Amukamara would give:

"What I liked about the Super Bowl the most was that I saw Katy Perry walking by after and I asked her for a picture."

Yep, forget the game. Getting a picture with Katy Perry tops the list of memories.

On where he stands in relation to the best cornerbacks in the game:

"I love this question. I'm ascending. I'm not where I want to be yet, but I'm definitely heading there. I would say it's so hard to judge who is the best DB because there isn't really a formula that equals the best DB. Or no one has come up with one yet... because you can go by most picks or least targeted, so the quarterback never looks your way but for some reasons you get the most picks like Richard Sherman. Or, you could go by a DB who is always following the number one receivers and they play the nickel spot or they play the outside, which is like a Joe Haden, Patrick Peterson, Darrelle Revis. Or, You could go by who's the highest paid because if you're the best you should be the highest paid. I think right now I'm going to say its Revis, Peterson or Haden. It's tough. Some people will talk about going to the Hall of Fame, but to be honest, I would rather go down as being the highest-paid corner ever. If I had to start a team and choose one, I would probably say Revis."

Give the entire interview a read. Excellent work here by Danny Wright of TSN, and Amukamara -- as always -- is entertaining.