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VIDEO: Dallas sportscaster blasts Cowboys' signing of Greg Hardy

Everyone has an opinion about Dallas signing Greg Hardy. Here is a strong, memorable, one.

Over at Blogging The Boys, Dallas Cowboys' fans are celebrating the signing of Pro Bowl-caliber defensive end Greg Hardy, suspended last season after allegations of abusing his then-girlfriend.

Let's just say this is the kind of move the New York Giants would not make. And it's the kind of move at least one sportscaster has a major issue with. This is a tremendous rant, and one that speaks exactly to the culture of too many NFL teams -- and fans. Guys, how would you explain rooting for this guys to your wives, girlfriends and daughters?

Hat tip to Bleeding Green Nation for finding this first.

"I don't care how good he is. I don't care if the Cowboys made a great deal. And I absolutely don't care about the argument so many of you make that what he does off the field just doesn't matter if he can help you win on the field.

Is there no line you won't cross? Is there no crime you won't accept? Is there no behavior you will not tolerate?

The Cowboys have decided players who use illegal drugs can play.

You drive drunk and kill a teammate... putting everyone on that highway at risk... there's a place on this team for you.

You can rob a department store and play.

And now you can beat a woman and play with a star on your helmet.

Greg Hardy's jersey is being sold at the Cowboys online pro shop now. You could get one for your sister or daughter and then explain to her that Hardy beats up women, but we're cheering him now because he's really good on game day, and game day is all that really matters to me.

Your daughter will understand."

Your thoughts, Giants fans?