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2016 Super Bowl Odds: Giants currently listed at 25-1

Free agency has actually improved the Giants' odds of winning it all next season.

Shane Vereen
Shane Vereen
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Who's going to play safety? Where is the starting offensive lineman the Giants need? What about help on the defensive line? New York Giants fans may be getting antsy about the idea that the Giants still have holes and did not sign any top-tier free agents, but oddsmakers apparently like what the Giants have done this offseason.

Oddsmakers at Bovada currently list the Giants as having 25-1 odds of winning the 2016 Super Bowl. That is a drastic improvement since the last listed odds on Feb. 25, which saw the Giants at 40-1. The 25-1 odds puts the Giants in a group with the Arizona Cardinals and Baltimore Ravens with the ninth-best odds of winning the title next season.

The Seattle Seahawks are 6-1 favorites. Among NFC East teams, the Dallas Cowboys are 16-1, the Philadelphia Eagles 18-1 and the Washington Redskins 100-1.