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Big Blue View Mailbag: Free agency, draft questions galore

Let's open up the mailbag and see what's inside.

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It is time for another edition of the Big Blue View mailbag. This week all of our questions come from our Facebook followers. Let's see what they want to know.

RayandAmy Poisson: Why was eli and prince not already extended to free up more money so we could have pursued better options and made a real run at mccourty that being said does it lock up landon collins and the number one pick for the giants or do the giants go out and trade for like a vaccaro from the saints seeing as the whole teams up for trade?

Ed says: Cap space really isn't the issue right now, although it's always nice to have more. I'm not even certain either player will get a contract extension this offseason, though I believe Eli will. The Giants made a big run at Devin McCourty, but the truth is he was never going to leave New England as long as the Patriots made him a competitive offer. As far as the first-round pick, we are still a long way from there and it's impossible to predict. Nothing is "locked up" until the Giants turn in the card with the pick on it.

Clarence E. White Jr.: Who do you think will be the best fit out of Landon Collins, Scherff, or Kevin White? At this point I think Collins.

Ed says: I keep saying this, but we have to see how the roster pans out over the next few weeks before I can really answer that question. That said, if the draft was today the easy answer to that question is Brandon Scherff, among those three. I believe the Giants are still one starter short on the offensive line, even after re-signing John Jerry, and have to address it. I'm sure they had interest in some of the guys who signed elsewhere, but the price tags were insane. That's likely why they stayed away.

Craig Massey: Going into free agency, the biggest areas of need were safety, a starting guard, and some defensive line depth. The ideal betting that the team could address those weak areas as much as possible so that they could get more focus going into the draft. Since none of those areas have been addressed in Week 1 of free agency, how do you think it will affect the team's plans for the first few rounds?

Ed says: Free agency isn't over, so it's really tough to answer right now. That said, safety, offensive and defensive line are all positions that need some help before the starter of the 2015 season. Jerry Reese knows that, and they will be addressed. How? We will all find out together.

Otto Webberley: Are we playing free agency differently because Tom Coughlin's long term future isn't guaranteed?

Ed says: Interesting question. The answer is, I don't think so. I think the Giants know that as an organization 2015 is incredibly important, and not just because of Coughlin. They haven't been a contender for a while now, and that has to change for the long-term good of the franchise, They don't want to waste the good years Eli Manning has left. As for the free agents themselves I don't think Coughlin impacts them, either. All coaches except Bill Belichick are really on one-year deals.

Kevin Lafaso: What free agency moves do you foresee and what position do you see the giants drafting in the first round?

Ed says: I don't have a crystal ball to know exactly what the Giants will do. I think, though, that they will continue looking for help at safety and along both the offensive and defensive lines. What they do in the draft in uncertain right now, but probably has everything to do with how the roster shapes up in the next few weeks.

John Zullo: Regardless of what the Giants add in free agency and the draft, do you think they can close the gap between themselves and Green Bay, Dallas, and Seattle?

Ed says: I think they have to worry about closing the gap primarily between themselves and the Cowboys and Eagles. Fans gets upset because nothing happens as quickly as they want, or exactly the way they want. Trust me, though, the Giants are trying to get better. They desperately want to get back to the playoffs. They have a borderline Hall of Fame coach and quarterback, and it's a shame to waste that.

Dryan Bavis: Do you think Chip Kelly is trying to reinvent the wheel or is he putting together something the Giants, and the rest of the nfc east, should be afraid of?

Ed says: I'm not sure what exactly Chip Kelly is doing in Philadelphia, but it is fascinating to watch. Right or wrong, you have to give the man credit for doing things his way. No, I don't think the Giants should be afraid of Kelly. You want to recognize, though, that the Eagles -- and Cowboys -- are formidable foes right now and that you have to try to get better to compete.

Nelson Vertefeuille: How much input do McAdoo and Spags have as to who or what type of player is signed or drafted?

Ed says: Realize that offensive and defensive coordinators do not get to make those types of personnel decisions. That said, the general manager knows what type of systems the coordinators run and what type of players are needed to help those coaches. Certainly there would be discussions that the coordinators would be involved in. When the Giants signed offensive lineman Marshall Newhouse, for example, he said McAdoo -- a coach in Green Bay when Newhouse played there -- was part of the reason why. So, the coordinators get input into what they need. They do not, however, make the decisions on who is brought in or let go.

Joe Gig Giorgianni: Will the Giants take chance on Greg Hardy?

Ed says: Probably not. It would be very uncharacteristic of the Giants to do so.

Andrew Cherock: Why does it feel like we are content at offensive line and safety right now, when we should be far from content.

Ed says: Just because those positions haven't been filled with big, splashy signings -- or filled at all yet -- doesn't mean the Giants are content with what they have or that they aren't trying. The league year just started on Tuesday and games aren't played until September. Maybe the Giants don't like their options right now. Maybe something will happen soon. Maybe nothing happens until post-June 1 cuts this summer. We'll see, but it's wrong to think the Giants are content. Their offseason work is just getting started.

Alex Szypulski: Why isn't a quality DL/LB/pass-rusher more of an urgent need for the Giants during FA? Is it a cap space issue? Do they think they can find a starter-caliber player in the draft? I'm not doubting Fowler Jr.'s or Gregory's abilities, but they're no lock to be anything special, whereas a quality FA player has at least been tested.

Ed says: They don't grow on trees. The Giants made a big bid to get Brandon Graham, but he went back to Philly. They checked in on Adrian Clayborn, but he wanted too much money. I keep saying it, but just because they have not struck a deal yet -- or had a slew of guys in for visits -- doesn't mean they aren't trying. There are other teams out there, too, and it's called free agency for a reason. Guys are free to go where they choose to go.