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Exploring SB Nation: What they said about the Giants' free-agent pickups

Let's take a look around SBNation to take a look at some of the quotes our colleagues provide us on some of our ex-players.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Nobody knows a player better than the fans of the team that the guy plays for. So I thought we'd take a look at our sister sites across SBNation and have a gander at what they are saying about the New York Giants' pickups in free agency thus far.

RB Shane Vereen - Pats Pulpit (New England Patriots)

Best of luck, Shane. it’s a shame because you seemed to reach your potential in the Super Bowl, and it would have been great for you to come back and continue to excel in that role on the Pats. you could have been a weapon for years. oh well.

- "furiousd"

May your paycheck be hefty, your targets off, and your QB's interceptions high

thanks for staying healthy last year and helping to win the SB, but don’t let the door hit in ya in your Legion on the way out! j/k.

I always liked Vereen but felt like he never really hit the top of his potential, especially on wheel routes after he broke his wrist. I’m with Dylan, I hope he has great individual stats but a losing team record.


WR/Gunner/PR Dwayne Harris - Blogging The Boys (Dallas Cowboys)

Dwayne Harris is one of the best special teams players in the NFL

Not just as a kick and punt returner (where he was pretty average last year, but sensational the year before), but also on kick coverage. He’s also an excellent blocker, and a solid but seldom used receiver. It’s not a huge loss, but let’s not get silly and pretend he’s a scrub.


You will now find out that he could have been a very very solid #2 receiver.

Eli is going to love how clutch he is. And he is going to be a real PITA for Dallas on returns…


Harris wasn't used as much on offense because he wasn't a good WR.

In 4 years he never really developed as a WR. I remember after Harris’ second season Romo saying that Harris still needed to get the finer points of routes and adjustments down. I don’t think he ever really got there.


Wow!! talk about overspending

I really like Harris as well but that’s just too much for a ST ace/4th WR


Wanted to see Harris go somewhere

where he wouldnt be buried on the WR depth chart. I think he can be really good. Odd choice to go fight with Beckham, Cruz and Randle.

-"Carl Shelton (GloryDayz88)"

LB J.T. Thomas - Big Cat Country (Jacksonville Jaguars)

Strike 1

He should of been resigned and for only half of posluszny’s salary too. He is a much better fit than him for this defense and lots cheaper too. I’m not advocating for cutting contracts for the sake of saving money but i would straight up even trade pos for him and the cost saving is a big bonus.

- "big cat jimmy"

Always assumed he'd be re-signed b/c of how well he filled in last year

but never occurred to me he could get snatched up by another team for that same reason. Happy he got that nice contract.

-"Garrison Grant"

Playing without a noticeable drop off from when Poz left isn't the same thing as greatly improving the position.

To start the year he was just a special teams guy who worked his way into SAM while people dealt with injuries.

He wasn’t the best Mike in his own right...

- "mnkman322"