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Giants create Odell Beckham web site to commemorate rookie season

It's all Beckham all the time.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Can't get enough of Odell Beckham Jr.? Well, the New York Giants are determined to help you in your desire to read about all things Beckham all the time. The Giants Wednesday announced the creation of a web site to commemorate the fantastic Rookie of the Year season by Beckham.

The web site is titled 'More Than Just The Catch' and it uses a host of interactive features and content to tell the story of Beckham's rookie season, from before the Giants drafted him right through his being named AP Offensive Rookie of the Year.

There is a ton of great stuff in here, much of which you have seen or read about before, and some of which you have not. There is even footage of Beckham making spectacular catches during collegiate practices with the LSU Tigers.

This is good work from the Giants PR Department. You are sure to find yourself wasting a ton of time once you stop by to check this out.