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Big Blue View Mailbag: Trade Down? Cut Victor Cruz? More Questions

Your questions, my answers.

Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Let's open the Big Blue View Mailbag and see what questions are on the minds of New York Giants fans as we await free agency and the 2015 NFL Draft. All of this week's questions were e-mailed to Feel free to do the same if you have questions for a future mailbag.

Question: What do you think of the strategy of trading down in order to get more draft picks? This on the theory that the draft is largely a crap-shoot, so the more picks you get overall, the higher the chances of getting some players of value. Seattle has had the most draft picks of any team in the past five years. How have the Giants played this question in recent years? -- Josh Berman

Ed says: I always endorse the idea of trading down and collecting extra picks, provided you don't trade down so far that you wind up with no choices you feel good about. Check out 'Rap's' proposed draft day trade scenario. Collecting picks is always a good move. In the NFL you have to have a quarterback. And you have to have depth. You build depth via the draft, and the more picks you have the better chance you have to build a deep roster.

Question: What would be the sap savings by cutting VC? Do you think it is a good move to cut Victor Cruz and spend the money elsewhere?

Ed says: Whaaaaaaaaat? Cut Victor Cruz? Are you seriouuuuuuus? (That's in my best best Dick Vitale voice, by the way). Is that really an idea? If it is, it is a really, really, REALLY bad one. I know the guy suffered a bad injury last season, but what would you do that for? Just to answer the question completely, Cruz's cap number this season is $8.125 million and the Giants would save $5.7 million against the cap by cutting him.

Question: Do you think NY will sign Jerrel Jernigan as an inexpensive insurance policy for Cruz? -- Nat Karol

Ed says: The Giants have been adamant that they need a Plan B at the slot receiver spot in the event that Cruz is not completely healthy in 2015. Jernigan could be that guy, and the view here is that wouldn't be a bad idea. Jernigan's not a good fit on the outside, but can play the slot. Gut instinct, though, is that the Giants will move on without JJ. They like Preston Parker, have some kids who intrigue them and the upcoming draft is rich with receiving talent once again.

Question: Might Ryan Nassib be traded for a 3rd round draft choice? -- Nat Karol

Ed says: Nassib trade scenarios seem to be on everyone's mind these days. I think some of the things GM Jerry Reese and head coach Tom Coughlin have said recently about Nassib having the ability to be an NFL starter might be designed to drum up a market for Nassib. If the Giants could get a third-round pick for Nassib I'm sure they would strongly consider taking it. Right now, though, I don't think they can. Sources I have asked about Nassib indicate there really is no market for him currently.

Question: Do you really put Preston Parker in the same class as Jacoby Jones or Ted Ginn as a kickoff return man? -- Stuart Gollinger

Ed says: This stems from the discussion about Jacoby Jones and Ted Ginn Jr. that we had earlier in the week. No, I don't put Parker in the same class as Jones and Ginn as a return man, although Ginn is really a punt returner and nothing special when it comes to returning kickoffs, averaging just 22.9 yards per kickoff return in his eight-year career. I prefer Parker as a reserve receiver. He did an excellent job for the Giants in 2014, catching 36 passes. He can play in the slot or outside, and can return punts and kickoffs if needed. The versatility and overall impact is why I would prefer Parker to Ginn or Jones at this point.